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Hosting a Thanksgiving Wedding

If you really think about it, having a wedding is like hosting your loved ones on Thanksgiving. You want all of your guests to feel welcomed, eat well, have fun and be wowed by the decor.

There are so many ways to host a beautiful Thanksgiving wedding without it feeling too much like a large family holiday. You can rely on the beauty of the season bringing the best of a beautiful Thanksgiving party and blend that into having a fabulous fall wedding with a fresh autumnal color palette with honey, pumpkin, latte, mocha and cream — truly delicious colors if you ask us!

We love the idea of a Thanksgiving wedding with a long weekend to celebrate and spend time with family and friends. If you’re thinking of getting married during Thanksgiving weekend, you don’t have to have a wedding that screams Turkey day. You can still rely on the beauty of the season and the ease of knowing everyone has ample time to celebrate your love but still make it truly reflective of your own autumnal vision

You know, there’s pumpkin wedding decor and then there’s truly elegant and beautiful ways to create and elegant ambiance with heirloom pumpkins and foraged branches, flowers and autumn leaves with this a golden color palette, it feels fresh without being too overwhelming .

If pumpkins really aren't your vibe, there is still a myriad of ways to get that autumnal feel without screaming fall. by pairing muted oranges, golds and cappuccino florals with broad leaves of eucalyptus and pairing them with varying sizes and heights of pillar candles encased in glass will also create a soft romantic feel for your festive table.

Now, of course, it doesn't have to be one or the other. You can still incorporate the warm, rich tones of the Thanksgiving table along with the fruits of the season by pairing your limited pumpkin accents with gold toned table runners, colored glass candle holder and gold accented plates and flatware for you guests tables. Of course, the bride and groom should not overlook incorporating this warm color palate when accessorizing their own accessories, such as boutonnieres and hair flowers.

Whether you are accomplishing your luscious vision by sticking to a warm color palette of honey, pumpkin, latte, mocha and cream; accenting with texture wherever it seems fit, or you are keeping things muted, classically bridal and delicate with only subtle accents of pumpkin, you can always bring the festive feel of the holiday in through the food.

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