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Hot Wedding Trends for 2020

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

From dramatic cakes to bespoke lighting, we are excited to see what gorgeous trends emerge for the new decade. We are anticipating lots of excitement given that it is once again the Roaring 20's!!

Modern weddings have become considerably less about the traditional church weddings of the last century and more about choosing your own adventure. Its YOUR personal love story, after all. Why should anyone have to follow a set of strict rules when it really should be as unique as you and your fiancee!

The biggest wedding trend we predict for 2020 is individuality. The industry is evolving, thankfully this means that couples are no longer pigeon-holed into either the 'traditional' or 'casual' category. Guest also appreciate not having to endure and endless series of cookie cutter weddings. We have found that couples are more inclined to choose modern, contemporary celebrations creating an overall ambience as opposed to being led by trends, colors and themes.

Wedding Dresses

If you’ve always dreamed of the big white dress, then there’s no shortage of options. However, many brides have no idea what they want to wear. They just know they to look and feel like themselves and not a fairytale princess. Well, ladies, is a good thing you're getting married in 2020! There is a whole new generation of bridal designers offering up a whole new world of choices for the bride who doesn’t want to look too “bridal”. Our favorites are Danielle Frankel, Hermione de Paula, Dana Harel, and Monica Byrne.

Wedding Rings

If you’re wearing an engagement ring that you didn’t see for the first time the day your partner proposed, then you’re ahead of the curve. One of top 2020 wedding trends is couples choosing their engagement and wedding rings together. It’s important that you wear a ring that both of you love, so it symbolizes both the person giving it as well as receiving it. That said, we suspect we will be seeing more cushion-cut (square cut with rounded corners), hand-mined diamonds accented by a yellow gold band rather than platinum. Rather than simply selecting something at a jewelry store out of a glass case, we find that couples are looking more for rings that make a statement or tell a story.

Statement Veils

Intertwining personal touches into your wedding day is not a new trend, however, the bridal veil is proving to be particularly striking for brides. Hailey Bieber’s Off-White “Till Death Do Us Part” veil caused quite a stir. We certainly expect to see many more statement-making veils that incorporate meaningful messages in the coming decade.

There is something uniquely romantic and timeless about a bridal veil that we are not surprised to see statement veils become an important part of the modern bridal experience. Brides are as in love with their fiancee as they are with the idea of creating an heirloom for future generations. This will be a distinctive piece that they can pass down or display in their home as an artistic memento. Regardless of whether you walk down the aisle in a gown, suit, or even a nice pair of jeans, a statement veil is the perfect opportunity to create something boldly personal and yes also uniquely traditional and bridal.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Having your nearest and dearest stand by your side as your bridesmaids is one tradition that will never die. That said, the question of how to dress them has certainly evolved. We find that the modern bride prefers to showcase their ladies' personalities veering away from the traditional matching gowns towards more mix and match styles in contrasting colors, prints and necklines. This makes the task of keeping your lovely ladies happy on your big day considerably easier.

Hands-off hair

We can all thank Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, for this burgeoning trend. Wedding day hair is now being approached with a considerably lighter touch. We don't see these brides changing anytime soon either as more and more opt to keep things natural and fuss-free. Tousled tresses and undone low buns are becoming the new norm for brides who prefer to avoid the overly-done, more traditional look.

Sustainable Weddings

From the travel required to gather everyone in one place, to the food waste produced by the meal, we find couples are looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of their event. Princess Eugenie, for example, plans to have a plastic-free wedding. And while not everyone has a royal budget for the big day, there are still plenty of relatively easy ways to make your wedding sustainable. Some of our favorite options are caterers who source local and organic meat and produce, selecting wedding invitations made from recycled paper, asking for a donation to a local charity as well as having a traditional registry, and making a charitable donation in lieu of guest favors.

Wedding Flowers

More and more couples are choosing to work exclusively with florists who use only locally-grown seasonal blooms. Incorporating rentable potted plants are another option for adding greenery to your big day. It’s a classic shade that goes with everything. A fabulous foliage archway can really wow, with far less environmental damage. As for the bride's bouquet, we find that more and more of them are making this even more personal. From selecting specific flowers with a variety of different meanings to hiding objects that hold a special meaning to them bridal bouquets ave taken on a whole new life.

Wedding Cakes

Thankfully the wedding cake does not seem to be going anywhere, but it does look different these days. Wedding cakes have evolved from the traditional white fondant into towering works of art covered in edible flowers, dripped icing, to water colored brush strokes. And that's not even the best part. Gone are the days of white cake or chocolate cake only. The flavor possibilities are absolutely endless. Your cake can be as unique as you!

Wedding Decor

It’s hard to deny Instagram's enduring influence on wedding day decor. As you scroll through your feed you will likely be bombarded with aesthetically pleasing place settings, tablescapes and centerpieces. We find that couples are becoming more creative, however, we predict a more tailored look in the next decade. Something clean and fresh and uniquely ‘them’, as opposed to a more traditional wedding look. Gone are the days of the matchy-matchy tablescapes and two color wedding palettes. We expect to see more couples focus on the overall atmosphere and vibe instead. Creating the overall vibe is all about the details...from the texture of the linens to the color of the flatware. We believe we will see far more in the way of unique lighting options and drapery as well as this is the easiest way to entirely transform a space into something else entirely.

Energy clearing

Clearing negative energy imprints from weddings venues is fast becoming an essential item to the modern couple. Eager to ensure that there are no negative vibes have been left behind by newlyweds who have gone before, couples are investing in the services of energy cleaning prior to their big day. Some couples will even go so far as to have the energy cleared from heirloom stones and rings to ensure nothing potentially negative is lingering from its previous owners. Many believe that crystals and gemstones hold on to and eventually disperse energy. By having the energy cleared you can ‘reset’ your ring with an intention of high-vibrational energy and love, so that it is then ready for you to make it your own. We partner with Nila Gober, a yogi with Simply Yoga, who uses sage or Palo Santo smoke to give stones and venues alike, a fresh start.

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