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How Much Wedding Photography Coverage Do I Need?

So you’ve been on the lookout for a wedding photographer and you’ve found the perfect match.

Woo Hoo! Time to celebrate!! Now you’re probably wondering how much wedding day coverage is right for you. While that answer varies for everyone, most photographers will outline a few different package options for you to consider so you can make the most informed decision before finalizing a contract. It can feel daunting to have to make this choice. What if you make the wrong one and miss out on the perfect photo? But no stress here, whether you choose an option with fewer or more hours, your gallery will be abundant with photos that intimately capture this chapter of your story and feature all of the highlights from of your wedding day. Everything from getting ready, to open dance floor, and all of the magic that falls in between. The extra hour or two that are included in larger packages are all about accounting for your personalized timeline and giving you all a little breathing room to take in the moment and create without limits. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this choice, keep reading. Many wedding photo coverage packages are built similarly, so let’s use three of the most packages you may see as examples as we go through why each might best suit you!

Six Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

If the day’s events will all take place in a single location, you have decided against a first look, and you want to keep a tight timeline, six hours of wedding day coverage is probably right for you. This option is great for weddings where all the events (i.e., getting ready, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception) unfold back to back at the same venue. Six hours is also a great length of coverage for evening and nighttime weddings or weddings without a special exit planned. Something to keep in mind: in this case, portraits of the couple are usually taken during cocktail hour. While some couples enjoy the chance to step away from the party and revel in the moment with their partner, others prefer to spend the hour greeting loved ones and kicking off the celebration.

Seven Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

If the day’s events will take place at two separate locations, or if you are staying at a single location but are planning to do a first look, seven hours of wedding day coverage is likely your sweet spot. With seven hours dedicated to documenting the festivities, you have built-in time to spend those extra moments creating, capturing, and celebrating. With a first look scheduled before the ceremony, your portraits are taken freshly after you are finished getting ready, while every hair is still in place and your cheeks are rosy from those pre-vow butterflies!

Eight Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

If you are splitting the day between two locations, and are choosing to do a first look, or are just running a more relaxed timeline in general, eight hours of wedding day coverage is the way to go! Eight hours of coverage allows you and your photographer extra time to allocate to portraits, candid shots of cocktail hour, dance floor photos and a little breathing room in between. This is a great option for longer reception timelines that have spread out formalities (i.e., entrances, first dance, parent dances) between dinner entrees, or a lengthier cocktail hour or ceremony. We always recommend this package if you can fit it into your budget as it truly seems to be the sweet spot where photos are concerned.

When it comes to wedding coverage and getting the most out of your day, pre-made packages are built to cover the core of your timeline and more, so that you can focus on the present and relive it all through a rich gallery of the day’s moments. Regardless of your choice in packages, a complete gallery should be filled with detail shots, portraits, ceremony and reception photos. Though pre-made packages often work well for many couples, custom packages are always an option you can discuss with your chosen photographer if you feel more or less time might be better suited to your particular event and day-of timeline.

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