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How To Notify Your Guests of Date Postponement

If your invitations have already gone out, postponing warrants a phone call. In addition, proper etiquette also suggests that you postpone formally, by mailing a notification to your guests. Phone call to each guest should be a priority as it reassures guests and ensures that they receive the message early. Essentially, it helps to reduce anxiety on everyone's part.

As for invitations that are being sent in the coming months, we suggest holding off on sending them out for a few weeks to give yourselves time to better assess the situation. However, if you prefer to send them sooner rather than later because you have a large number of guests that would need to make travel plans, we recommend including a note about potential postponement.

Postponing sending out your invitations for autumn weddings until end of April or early May is in everyone's best interest right now. We want to be conscious and responsible to make sure we don't send invitations to weddings while the world is sitting at home and avoiding travel. Also be wary that your guests are likely to respond differently now than they would have previously as things develop globally.

The best thing that you could possibly do during your current quarantine would be to pen handwritten notes to each of your guests. It may take you two hours a day for an entire week, but its truly a personal way for you to make them to really feel loved...letting them know why its so important to you to have them there. It's an exercise in grace and gratitude. It will make your guests even happier to be there knowing that you reached out to them personally during this time in an elegant, thoughtful way. Just be sure to let them know sooner rather than later that things are being rescheduled. That way you can have your wedding cake and share it, too!

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