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The art of watercolor dates back to Egyptian times, when it was used for manuscript illumination. Revived by Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) in several of his fine botanical paintings, it has never gone out of style. This is why it’s not surprising to find that brides are going wild over the latest water color wedding trend. Whether it be Georgia O’Keeffe-style save-the-dates or a Monet inspired watercolor cake, a watercolor wedding is a wish come true.

What's not to love about watercolor cakes? They have soft, swishy dreamlike colors and can be seriously stunning. Using color gradients, as opposed to a few distinct shades, creates such a romantic look for your wedding display. Creating a watercolor look, whether pained onto fondant or swirled with shades of buttercream, this is a great way to pull from all your event's colors onto your wedding cake.

Watercolor cakes are created very much in the way that watercolor paintings are. Cake artists use the traditional techniques, very much like you would do so on paper, but without paper or water! The colors can be so fresh and pretty, and they blend together beautifully.

The key to watercolor cakes, however, is to create a ‘watercolor painting’ on fondant that is then delicately placed on the cake itself. They are quite labor intensive, but absolutely worth it. The key to the process, very much like with paint and paper water color, is drying time – and lots of it!

Once the cake is complete, staring at all that smooth fondant that was once just begging to act as a canvas for some true cake artists...it will be difficult to make that first slice. Trust us, they are that gorgeous!

Here are some of our favorite hand painted watercolor cakes that are truly a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.

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