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It's a Nice Day for a Weed Wedding

We are all familiar with a standard bar at a wedding. It serves drinks, you have a bartender, they offer cocktails and beer and wine. Over the years we have seen bars at weddings upgrade with signature drinks and specialize to feature different items. Dessert bars have become popular featuring a create your favorite ice cream sundae or sampling many different home-made pies. There is also the ever popular candy bar that is always a hit for guests with a sweet tooth. The bloody mary bar is popular with morning or Sunday brunch weddings accented by every kind of condiment you can possibly imagine.

So what if you went to a wedding and you saw a “Canna Bar”? While you won’t find one of these in Tennessee, it is a growing trend all long the West Coast with the legalization of cannabis. These bars include edibles such as brownies and cookies to jars of different types of weed from mellow to higher energy strains all displayed in glass jars. With many states including Colorado, Oregon, and Washington giving the ok to legally smoke wacky tobacco it is a trend that had begun appearing at weddings with cannabis becoming the new champagne.

Many couples are opting to replace traditional alcohol bars to avoid incidences of sloppy drunks. We’ve all been to a reception where guests have taken one-too-many drinks and have become rowdy and reckless. Within minutes, your super expensive venue becomes a circus where Aunt Betty has spilled her glass of red wine or dropped her glass on the dance floor, two of your groomsmen are in the middle of an escalating discussion and two of your bridesmaids who have been drinking all day are missing out on the cake cutting because one is puking and the other is holding her hair back. Although marijuana has different effects for different people, the majority of consumers experience euphoria, the giggles, and the munchies. We are told that they might even give your guests the confidence to bust out the old Saturday Night Fever dance moves.

Chances are that even if you don’t smoke, you know that some of your guests do. The same way that most venues include a “smoking section” for tobacco and set up bars for people who drink, if cannabis is legal in your state, you can also host a canna-bar for guests who choose to use. Couples will choose to do this because they feel that many of their guests have spent a lot of money on travel and hotels to celebrate your special day with you, so couples are reciprocating by making them feel special by not requiring them leave the party to smoke in secrecy.

Cannabis has the ability to take your mind away from anxiety. We are told that many newer strains of cannabis have the ability to trigger highly social behavior making it the perfect way to add frivolity to your special day. By including cannabis, in states where it is legalized, you offer an increased chance that guests will savor their dinner, enjoy the music and appreciate the artful decorations you’ve prepared.

While not legal in Tennessee, we believe the trend of cannabis-friendly weddings will inevitably become a new norm for modern nuptials. In several states where marijuana is already legal people enjoy using it in social settings. We expect we will see cannabis bars at more and more weddings and other social events as marijuana becomes more mainstream across the country.

Now, you can’t just have jars of weed at your wedding so don’t jump the gun. If you live in a state where it is legal and this is something you’d like at your upcoming wedding, before you say "I do-obie," be sure to ask your coordinator if they know how to go about it. You always want to be sure to follow legal restrictions for your state and county. The vibe at weddings is about to change from crazy drinking to chill and mellow!

What do you think? Is this something you’d like or should it be kept to private quarters?

Weddings and Events by Raina does not promote or condone the use of marijuana.

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