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John + Kayla, Gettin' Hitched in the Hollow - A Jack Daniel's Elopement

Welcome to Lynchburg, Tennessee, home to Jack Daniel's Distillery...the location of the world famous Tennessee sippin' whisky, created in a town with only one traffic light...and surprisingly, the only remaining dry county in the entire state. Why you may ask? There still aren't enough residents, only about 6,000 at last count, to overturn the old prohibition laws, but we suspect that the locals don't seem to mind as it adds to the mystique surrounding the Hollow.

The actual source of the mineral rich Cave Spring Hollow is a mystery as well. Many have tried to track it back to its source through the labryinth of intricate limestone cave systems that bisect the grounds beneath the distillery but none have succeeded. Even more of a mystery is that despite record draughts and floods, the water levels rarely change and never run dry. It is from this location that the water is taken to create that world famous whisky.

It was here that Mr. Jack Daniel himself (in statue form, of course) stood to bear witness as Kayla and John exchanged their rings and took their vows binding themselves to one another for all eternity.

While he never married himself, and never had children, he certainly had a fatherly relationship with his two nephews, Lem and Jess Motlow, to whom he taught everything about distilling and running a successful business.

Kayla & John also met not quite while working together, but at work in a sense. Kayla, while scrolling on Facebook on her lunch break, got into a battle of wits with a fellow commentator who also happened to be on his lunch break. Over the course of several weeks and many conversations a romance quietly bloomed. When mutual friends realized that they were both invited to their friend's wedding it was suggested that perhaps they go together. Having never met in person prior to this wedding blind date, both were fairly nervous, but very excited as spark flew and the undeniable attraction took hold. From that day on they were inseparable.

These two were just so lighthearted and fun! They couldn't stop smiling or stealing kisses when they thought no one was looking their way. They were just so excited to finally be married. We certainly are glad they decided to sneak away for a long weekend out of state to get hitched in the Hollow and celebrate Nashville style!

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