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Keenan + Andrew / Tangled Themed Wedding at Sugarfoot

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Rapunzel...eh. no. That's not quite right...Keenan! Her name was Princess Keenan. And she was locked away in a tower since she was a baby...well, actually, she grew up in a loving home in Brentwood, but for the sake of the story just imagine her in a tall tower locked up by Gothel, ok? At least our beautiful princess has long blonde hair...not sure if it is magical, though. You'd have to ask her.

Now, of course when Princess Keenan decided to look beyond the castle walls and vast lands of Brentwood she hopped on a handy app called Clover. (Don't remember that from the Disney film? Really? Well...it happened. Just trust us.) And that is where she found her dashing prince, Flynn...nope. That's not quite right either...Andrew...His name was Prince Andrew!

Spoiler alert!! They got married and lived happily ever after!

When Andrew and Keenan came to us with their incredible vision for a Tangled themed wedding we immediately saw a real life Rapunzel and Flynn sitting across from us and we simply couldn't resist! They were just so fun and playful with vibrant personalities to rival those of their animated counterparts.

Originally planning for their wedding to be held in Nashville, the Covid-19 pandemic had different ideas, however. Wanting to be sure that their guests all felt at ease with extra distancing in place, we relocated the entire event to Sugarfoot, which was considerably larger than their original venue so that everyone could celebrate their love story safely. This elegant, entirely white barn both inside and out became the perfect canvas for their rich jewel toned pops of color.

Hosting both the ceremony and reception in the same space, we transformed the space with super soft, flowing organza drapery from TN Event Designs to create an all white ceremony space. The only pops of color from the bridal party, the gold chairs from Southern Events Party Rentals and lanterns running down the aisle to the absolutely stunning arbor created by Sheila Hines Floral Designs.

Following the ceremony, guests were invited to enjoy the sunshine, lakeside and nibble on all the delectables provided by The Alley on Main. In addition to the wonderful cocktail hour treats, Keenan and Andrew had another unique treat to delight their guests with. Sharing a passion for history, they chose to honor the women who came before them, artfully displaying the wedding dresses of their four grandmothers in a museum like setting.

During the cocktail hour, the organza drapes were tied back with colorful satin ribbons to match those on the bride's bouquet and the space was transformed it was filled with an explosion of color! Everything from the guests tables to the bar was alive with color. The theme from Tangled was subtly intertwined in every aspect from lanterns to sunburst on the chargers and tables cheerfully declaring this to the be The Best Day Ever!!

What really took the cake, pardon the pun, (Keenan and Andrew are masters at "Dad Jokes") was the magnificent cake display. There was not one, not two, but THREE beautiful cakes from Jenifer's Cakes. Each one its own Tangled inspired bit of confection from Rapunzel's tower (Yep! That's all cake, folks!) to the bright sunburst declaring this to be the Best Day Ever! Each one was an assortment of flavors from layers almond cake and snickerdoodle to taste like a cinnamon roll to strawberry and lemon for a strawberry lemonade cake. There was even chocolate and red velvet layered cake for those dessert purists out there.

After Keenan and Andrew cut the main wedding cake with a beautiful sterling silver cake knife that was gifted to Keenan at birth and used to cut every single one of her birthday cakes they taste tested it and declared it to be delicious!

While dessert was being sliced up and served to all the guests, we had several quite touching speeches from those who know and love Andrew and Keenan best accompanied by one of the sweetest slide shows of the two of them through the years.

Of course, once everyone has had cake there was a lot of sugar energy to burn so we turned the evening over to DJ Kev from Choice DJs. He had every single person out of their seats and on to the dance floor rocking out for the rest of the night!

Inspired by their love of late nights at all the Disney parks, and managing to collect a fair amount of the light up toys that can be found there, Andrew and Keenan opted for a fabulous Disney style fiber optic wand send off before the left for their honeymoon. Cheering them as they drove away...their guests had so much fun it was clear that they were sad to see such a spectacular night come to an end. Everything aspect had a Tangled theme from the flowers to the lanterns to the stunning invitations, designed by The Pig & The Pomegranate, right down to the collection of cakes. It was a sight to behold and definitely a favorite of ours!! We were so glad that Emily Lester Photography was there to capture every single stunning moment of this beautiful day.

...and lived happily ever after!

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