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LaToya + Thavian / Noah Liff Opera Center, Nashville, TN

Trying to describe love is a favorite pastime.

People write stories, songs and poems about love. Even though love can look different from one person to the next, there was no mistaking it when you saw the way that Thavian and LaToya looked at each other. They are not only friends in the truest sense, they are genuinely in love and theirs is a love story for the ages.

With LaToya being a Nashville native and Thavian hailing from the bayous of Louisiana face certainly had a hand in bringing these two beautiful souls together. It wasn't until they were both transferred , separately of course, by their jobs to the land where everything is larger than life...Texas! Once they were there fate brought them together and they have been inseparable ever since.

They sourced their magnificent bridal party from loving family members and friends, who may as well be considered family, from Tennessee, Texas and Louisiana. We may be a little biased, but we thought that they were the absolute most fun! Truly a five star bridal party who took their duties seriously, but also knew how to keep the bride and groom having a great time from the moment the day began.

And we would be remiss if we didn't give special mention to these lovely ladies. Not only were they the stars of the show, but they were truly the best part of the bridal party! No one took their jobs more seriously than these beautiful flower girls who brought smiles as they sprinkled their petals all down the aisle.

Their stunning ceremony, held at the Schrader Lane Church of Christ, La Toya's home church, was presided over her Uncle which only made this entire event more personal and special. He was able to bring everyone to tears and then immediately back to laughter and smiles with this witty stories and beautiful prayers for this lovely couple. The sanctuary was bedecked in sheer drapery from TN Event Designs and lush blooming cherry blossoms from Curry & Co. Events. Immediately following the ceremony, in true southern style, there was a short "cake and punch" reception for all the church goers who attended their nuptials.

Following the church reception guests were invited to join the couple at the Noah Liff Opera Center for a celebration of their love. The beautifully appointed ballroom as decorated with sheer drapery, a crystal chandelier, beautiful blush linens and roses absolutely everywhere. Bathed in golden candlelight with artfully placed reflective surfaces to carry the light throughout, the room was transformed in to an absolutely romantic dream of wedded bliss.

During the cocktail hour, as guests eagerly awaited the arrival of the bride and groom, they were treated to delicious blends from Bar Seat with RSC. The "LaToya," a little sweet...and the "Thavian," a little spicy...tropical signature cocktails were definite favorites among all the attendees!

When LaToya and Thavian took to the dance floor for their first dance all eyes were on them. However, for the two of them, who only had eyes for each other...it was as if no one else existed. We weren't surprised to see them lost in their little love bubble for most of the evening, actually. These two are simply crazy about each other!!

The seasonally selected spring menu was the perfect fit for the evening. Carefully curated by Chef Penelope herself, each station that was set out had different delicious offerings that featured not only the couple's favorite meals to share, but also specialty dishes from Tennessee, Texas and Louisiana. Chef Penelope's Catering never disappoints with their delicious fare. We always see guests coming back for more!

Wanting to go minimalist yet extravagant, the team from Curry & Co. Events relocated the large cherry trees from the church to frame the entry of the ballroom which was bathed in the soft glow of candlelight. Everywhere you looked there was a floral feast for the senses. It was like dancing in a beautiful blossoming rose garden. Large bursts of blooms bedecked the head table as it shimmered with blush dupioni silk linens from EventWorks Rentals. The white garden chairs and sheer flowing drapery from TN Event Designs gave even more of an ethereal garden party air to the beautiful ballroom. The oohs and aahs we heard at the guest's arrival were absolutely delightful!

A photo booth always adds an element of fun to any event. Not only do you have a new super fun photo for your profile pic, but you basically are getting a license to be silly and we love to see that!! The photo booth from Middle TN Selfie certainly doesn't disappoint, either!! With their option for a green screen you can put yourself in the event posing with the happy couple or be off exploring the moon. Your imagination is the only limitation.

While the carefully curated seasonal spring meal created by Chef Penelope's Catering was began with a beautifully plated salad, the toasts began. Some brought tears to everyone's eyes, but many more had all in attendance roaring with laughter. Using the flutes specially engraved for the couple by The Gifted Hand, given to them by their Weddings & Events by Raina team, Thavian and LaToya really began to get into the spirit of celebration!

The baker of this beautiful cake is quite aptly named...Cakes by Happy certainly leaves her diners with a huge smile on their faces! She created this incredible tower of confection to mimic the fabric on the bride's gown and then filled it with over 100 roses. Talk about decadence!!

From the sorority and fraternity serenades to the second line parade twirling their napkins in the air in a good old fashioned Louisiana joyous celebration DJ Gary Whitlow had no trouble keeping this crowd on their feet! They loved to dance and we loved to see them all have such a good time celebrating LaToya and Thavian.

Guests were sent off with a cute little poem and something yummy to end their evening with..."Love is sweet. Enjoy a treat. A taste of Louisiana (a delicious pecan praline) & Tennessee (Goo-Goo Cluster). Love, LaToya & Thavian." We find that edible goodies are always the biggest hits when it comes to guest favors.

We were so glad that Elle Danielle Photography was there to capture every single stunning moment of this beautiful day. So many amazing memories were made. If you want to catch a little glimpse more into the overall day, click here to see the video from our website!

Vendor List

Planning: Weddings & Events by Raina

Venue: Noah Liff Opera Center

Photography: Elle Danielle Photography

Florals: Curry & Co. Events

Drapery: TN Event Designs

Catering: Chef Penelope's Catering

Cake: Cakes by Happy

Bartending: Bar Seat with RSC

Rentals: EventWorks

Photo Booth: Middle TN Selfie

Hair & Makeup: Posh Glam Studio

Getaway Car: Matchless Transportation

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