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Candy Buffet

There can never be too much sweetness at a wedding and we don’t have to tell you how much fun candy bars are! Done right, a candy buffet becomes more than just a delicious favor for your guests; it becomes an eye-catching part of your wedding reception décor. But creating one isn't as simple as just buying a few bags of candy. Pulling off a beautiful display is not as easy as it looks.

Candy Buffet

Follow this easy guide to find out how to create the perfect color coordinated buffet with the right amount of candy for each of your guests leaving a sweet taste in their mouths. After all, a candy buffet is something people of all ages can sink their teeth into!

Candy Buffet

Decide where in the venue you want to put your candy buffet.

Determine the size and shape of the table you will use. Do you want it to run the whole length of the wall, or should it just be in the center? Once that has been decided you can then select how you want to display the candy. Whether you use big, tall vases or in smaller bowls propped up on decorative boxes, once you have a general idea about what type of a display you want you can then begin to determine how much candy you need to carry out your plan.

Candy Buffet

Consider the size of your display table.

We recommend that you stay on the smaller side, with spare candy stashed below to refill the vessels as needed. If you set up a bulk candy buffet that is a little bit smaller than your ideal and you buy a little bit more candy than you need, you'll never be stuck in a position where your buffet looks empty or like its been picked over. It's nice to be able to refill or top off the candy buffet as it gets low later on in the reception. Our favorite is watching the kids’ faces when we refill the candy buffet—it's like Christmas morning!

Candy Buffet

How much candy should I buy?

Stock at least 1/4-1/2 pounds of candy per guest.

Some of your guests will take less and some will take more, so it will all even out. Even if you don't think your friends and family are likely to go overboard on candy, stock the bar anyway. Even if you don't think the older guests will take candy they may bring it home to their kids or grandkids, so it is always best to plan accordingly.

Candy Buffet

How do I keep the candy buffet from looking messy during the reception?

The easiest way to keep a candy buffet neat and stocked is to hire an event planner to ensure that every aspect, including your candy buffet, is attended to. They will keep it neat and refill the jars as needed. If you choose not to hire an event planner, consider only offering the candy bar at the end of the night as your guests exit.

Candy Buffet

Where do I start when it comes to design?

The most important rule of candy buffet design is to keep things cohesive with a central theme or color scheme. Your candy bar should be visually captivating. Remember this is a prime photo op for guests! We just love when guests tell us that the candy buffet looks so pretty they don't want to touch it. That's when we know the job was done right.

Candy Buffet

How many different candy types and color variations do I include?

If you're going to match the color scheme of your wedding, you should include at least one other color as well. Many people use white, which softens the aesthetic a bit, but other colors or hues of the same color can certainly used as well. Candy buffets are meant to be fun and add some pizazz to the look and feel of your decor, so don’t be afraid to add a bright accent or complimentary color. Layering various shades of jelly beans or M&Ms within one vessel is always fun, too.

Candy Buffet

You will want to include several different kinds of candy. The entire idea behind a candy bar is that guests can choose favorites from this decadent display of gorgeous candy, so pick several varieties first, then bulk up on each of them if you need more volume later.

Candy Buffet

What kind of candy should I pick?

Just so long as you have a nice mix of flavors and treats, anything goes. Make sure you take into account any guest allergies (such as nuts), and either leave those candies off the list or make sure they are clearly marked. Also keep temperature in mind. Melting can be an issue in warmer weather, so either have your your candy buffet set up in air conditioning or choose candies that won't be a soupy mess by the end of the night. The season can also influence the type of candy you select. For example, cinnamon and pumpkin favorite treats work for fall while tart lemon and citrus candies are perfect for summer.

Candy Buffet

What do I use to hold that candy?

There are no rules or wrong ways to set up a candy bar. You can be as creative as you want! To save money, you can mix and match glass bowls and vases that you already own. For a more cohesive look, you can find elegant containers in various shapes at craft stores, thrift shops, and garden stores. You can also order vessels online, but be careful if you are having glass shipped.

Candy Buffet

How do I decorate the candy buffet without spending too much on decor?

We love to flip the escort card table into the candy buffet after your guests are all seated. By using the escort card table for the candy bar later on in the evening, you can reuse any floral arrangements or decor.

Candy Buffet

Done right, a candy buffet becomes more than just a delicious favor for your guests; it becomes an eye-catching part of your wedding reception décor!

Candy Buffet

Our favorite places to go in person are...

Rocket Fizz, Fuzziwig's Candy Factory, and It'Sugar candy stores in Nashville.

Our favorite places to shop online are...

The Candy Warehouse, Old Time Candy and Candy Store.

Bon Appetite!!

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