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Live Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Big Church Event

Church events are amazing times where you get to share in fellowship with your fellow church members and get to know each other while connecting with your religion. But, unfortunately, it can be hard to plan an event like this, especially if you've never done it before but the team at Weddings & Events by Raina is here to help!

These are the top forms of church entertainment and why it matters so much!

Why The Entertainment Has to Be Deliberate

Church entertainment has to be deliberate and well-thought-out so that the content isn't offensive or upsetting to church members.

God, and religion, should be at the center of these events, and doing anything that would set the attention elsewhere could ruin how people feel about the event. This can seem difficult if you look at a lot of popular media: but it doesn't have to be hard!

Clean Comedy

Clean comedy is an easy place to go because it allows you to have the entertainment basically be a conversation that makes people laugh. Although not all comedians will suit this, you can seek out specifically church-aimed comedians or those who have clean acts specifically for this type of event.

It's vital that you ensure they're funny and that they suit the type of personality the church wants to have to ensure that it doesn't offend anyone or make them feel uncomfortable at this event.

Christian Rap

Christian rappers have been coming back into style in recent years, and a large part of this is thanks to the internet allowing people to connect so easily. As a result, Christian rap has taken over a large portion of the popular music for the Christian genre, allowing more people to connect to God through music.

Although some older groups might not understand this style of music, it's fantastic to enable younger people to feel like there's media made for them and their relationship with the church.

Amazing Musicians

There are plenty of musicians without vocals that let out a lot of beautiful music. This can be as big as a swing band or as small as a string quartet, but the main thing that matters is the music itself and how it makes you feel.

If the piece is good, you'll feel connected to the others in your church with it, and it will allow people to socialize and spend time together.

Christian Country

Country music has always been an awesome way for people to feel a connection to God and the church, but recently it's been harder to find music that feels like it was made about this connection.

Christian country music fills that gap, allowing people to still enjoy the sounds of country without worrying about the lyrics or ideals in it not fitting their lifestyle.

Church Entertainment Should Be Thought Out

Whether you're planning a picnic for the whole church, or a gathering for a small portion of it, you must take the time to find entertainment everyone will enjoy.

Even if that means finding a band to play without vocals in the background, it can be a great way to connect with your other church members which is why Weddings & Events by Raina works closely with you and our friends at Special Guest to ensure that your event has just the entertainment it needs to keep everyone in attendance engaged!

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