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Loosing the COVID -19 (pounds, that is...)

Nutrition is key to getting a healthy and fit before the wedding, and if you're like me, you also want to shed the COVID-19 (as in the 19lbs we put on while in quarantine). So, let's get a head start on getting ready for your big day. 

1. Banished the word ‘diet' from your vocabulary. Its time to become more focused on overall health and wellness. Don't deny yourself your favorite treats...if you do you are setting yourself up for an unhealthy binge session. Instead, eat them in moderation. Avoid being self-destructive by starving yourself all day. Once again, you will only be setting yourself up for an unhealthy binge session later. You'll see that once you begin eating three proper meals a day and exercising regularly using this helpful workout calculator, the pounds will start to come off naturally.

2. Consider switching to clean eating. We have found that when anyone mentions clean eating people often get confused. This is likely due to the fact that there are a lot of diets that encourage clean eating, but don't really explain the concept. Clean eating is simple. It’s about eating whole foods or ‘REAL’ foods. Food that has had minimal processing. Vegetables,organic meats/fish, nuts...foods that are in their most natural state. Things like bread, pasta and pizza are all over processed, so consider giving them up for a while. If this proves to be too difficult, Rather than depriving yourself of all the bad-for-you foods, give up your three favorites like pasta, ice cream and pizza. When sampling new recipes, we always try to either double up on a favorite to portion out leftovers for later meals or cut a recipe in half if its a special treat. In those cases we rely on our favorite recipe converter from CulinarySchools.org. Once you get the hang of clean eating, ease into cutting out additional foods that aren't so clean as you realize you crave them less often. We love to use this weight loss calculator from CulinarySchools.org to help determine how much or how little our bodies will need.

3. Another key factor to weight loss is to stop comsuming so much sugar. For instance, I am a big coffee drinker, and I used to add six packets to one little Styrofoam cup. That really adds up! Slowly I began to ween myself off a packet at a time and that one little change made a huge difference! You see, our bodies do not benefit from refined sugar in any way. It’s addictive and it spikes our insulin levels which then leads to a sugar crash, leaving you tired and hungry. The best way to avoid this is to select foods that offer energy and convenience. Nuts are a great way to curb your hunger and give you an energy boost along with their nutritional benefits. A great way to track the results of your healthier lifestyle is through the CulinarySchools.org body fat calculator.

4. Hydration is key. Your body is 90% water, but you have to help it out by constantly hydrating and maintaining a level of hydration that allows your body to function optimally. Not only will you feel a difference, you will see a difference almost immediately. I drink about 64 ounces of water every day, and whenever I get stressed I take a 15- to 20-minute power walk with my water bottle. The key for me is to finish it entirely by the end of my walk. It helps clear my mind, hydrates and gives me a challenge to focus on!

5. Get active in any way you can. Start with a simple warm-up. Never underestimate the benefits of preparing your body to workout. Increasing your heart rate is vital for allowing your body to work without strain, reducing the possibility of injury. Imagine an elastic band in the freezer. Warm it up and it will be more elastic, just like the muscles before exercise. Not sure where to start? After you do some slow stretches... Spend 60 seconds on each exercise. Follow with 60 seconds of rest. Complete 4 Rounds.

Jumping Jacks High Knees 1/2 Burpee

Using small dumbbells will offer resistance to your muscles and therefore increase the amount of energy necessary to perform a certain move or exercise. This effort will force your muscles to exert energy and in turn will increase muscle mass. While you won't see results overnight, with repetitive efforts however, you will begin to improve in strength and muscle tone. We prefer to use low weights with high repetitions for lean muscle not bridal bulk.

Always incorporate cardio in your weekly workouts as well. Burning calories is how we shed excess weight in addition to nutritional choices. We need to burn the calories in order to get rid of them. They are an energy that we use. By working out with an increased heart rate you train your heart to pump more effectively.

Strengthen your abs through resistance training. We prefer exercises like crunches, sit-ups and anything that works out the core work. These are also 90% effort in the kitchen. The skin covering the abdominal area will reduce with a regular nutrition plan and workout guide.

Your wedding is approaching, and you hope to look your absolute best. If, for you, that means dropping those quarantine pounds so you look better in your gown let us knowhow you will keep your hands out of the cookie jar and your bodies in motion in the months before the big day. Don't forget to share your favorite healthy recipes or ways to stay active while stuck inside in the comments below!

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