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Mystique of the Bridal Veil

bird cage veil

A veil is a seemingly simple accessory, but it has the power to completely transform an entire look.

It’s pure magic.

bridal veil guide

Before we begin, however, always keep in mind, our top three tips when picking out a veil:

Tip 1 - Consider your wedding dress. It is always best to find your dress first and then choose a veil that enhances the style of your gown. If you have a lace or beaded dress, look for a veil that compliments those elements. A veil should never take center stage or draw attention away from you and your dress.

Tip 2 - Take your venue into account. If your ceremony is taking place in a large, elaborate church, you may want to consider a more dramatic veil. If you’re getting married outdoors during a windy season, it’s best to opt for a veil shorter in length. This will prevent your veil from blowing too much or even flying away on an errant breeze.

Tip 3 - Keep your selected hairstyle in mind. Most veils work well with hair worn down, however, if you’re planning on a more intricate hairstyle, choose a sheer veil that won’t conceal your hair. Whether you are doing your own hair or having it done by a professional, it is always a good idea to practice placing and fastening your veil before the big day.

bird cage veil


Birdcage veils are short veils made from netting. They are perfect for brides with a vintage vibe, pairing especially well with a short wedding dress. They typically only cover a portion of a bride’s face and fall above the chin.

blusher veil


At the beginning of a ceremony, the person that walks the bride down the aisle pulls back the blusher to reveal the bride’s face. Or at the end of a ceremony, the groom pulls back the blusher right before kissing his bride. A blusher veil covers a bride’s entire face and ends around her shoulders. This veil is more commonly paired with a longer veil and worn during more conservative ceremonies.

fly away veil


Compared to birdcage veils, the fly-away veil makes a bigger statement, offering more volume, while still giving the vintage vibe certain brides covet. A fly-away veil falls at or below the shoulders, and it’s another great option for vintage brides or for short wedding dresses.

Elbow length veil


This beautiful veil length looks flattering with almost any wedding dress style. It’s ideal for a bride looking for an easy, hassle-free veil. Falling at elbow-length, this veil falls right around a bride’s waistline.

Fingertip veil


Fingertip veils are a favorite because they have just enough length to add a “wow” factor, but they’re not too over-the-top. A fingertip veil falls at or right below a bride’s fingertips. It is a timeless classic at an elegant length.

Ballet veil


Also known as a waltz or ballerina veil, this style is perfect for brides that love the look of a long veil, but don’t want to commit to a veil that actually touches the ground preventing you from worrying about someone stepping on or tripping over your veil. The ballet veil falls below your fingertips and above the ground gracefully swinging at your hips or slightly below at your knees.

Chapel veil


Veils at or beyond chapel-length are often removed after the wedding ceremony (after photos but before the reception) so that a bride can walk around and dance without the worry of someone stepping on her veil and potentially damaging it. Chapel veils fall to the ground and in some cases will extend a couple of inches beyond the bridal gown. These veils are definitely statement pieces and instantly create a dreamy, romantic feel.

Cathedral veil


A cathedral veil is the longest style of veil trailing behind a bride, well beyond her dress. If you’re looking to create a dramatic effect, then a cathedral veil is the only way to go. Not to mention, this veil style is a photographer’s dream because it lends itself to the most incredible pictures.

Juliet cap veil

Juliet cap veil

Juliet cap veil


Thanks to the popularity of Downton Abbey, the juliet cap is the “it” veil of the moment. This vintage veil style is perfect for a chic bride with a nostalgic flair. A Juliet cap veil can come in a variety of different lengths and have a vintage look that’s tied specifically to the 1920s and 30s.

Mantilla veil

Mantilla Veil


A bride should always pin a mantilla veil about two inches from her hairline so that the lace trimming delicately frames the sides of her face draping downward. This is a gorgeous option to draw attention to a blushing bride’s glowing features. The mantilla veil is another style that comes in a variety of lengths and styles, however it is typically, round and lined with lace.

drop veil

drop veil


A drop veil is usually pinned to the crown of the bride's head so that when it is lifted for the kiss it will remain in place. These veils create a dreamy, romantic feel while at the same time are perfect for a chic bride with an avant garde flair. A drop veil can come in a variety of different lengths and are usually edged in either lace or beadwork.

Cathedral veil

Now you have all the details and inspiration you need to complete your wedding-day look with the perfect veil. When you go to try them on be sure to bring tissues. Nothing makes mothers cry more than the first time they see their daughter in a wedding veil.

We want to know, which veil styles are your favorite? Please leave us a comment below.

We personally think they are all swoon worthy, but we must admit that we're partial to either the very long flowing veils or the very short vintage styled birdcage veils.

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