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Nashvile PRIDE Festival

One of the things we love about Nashville is all of the varying different communities and neighborhoods, each with an identity and vibe all its own, yet each one as fun and as inviting as the next.

Many Nashvillians tend to stick to their own neighborhoods. If you live in Hillsboro Village, you play in Hillsboro Village and leave the East side to the Eastsiders, no questions asked. All of that is fine and dandy, however if there is one time of year to truly venture out of your comfort bubble, it is the weekend of the Nashville Pride Festival. It is by far and away one of the city's most entertaining events. Join us and gain a bit of perspective about one of Nashville's most vibrant communities!

While the festival is produced or the LGBT community and is intended to highlight the importance of equality, they are wonderful, warm and welcoming to all who attend. Whether you are coming to enjoy the incredible talents of Nashville's drag queens, we have some of the country's finest, you know, or if you are coming for the music, the Pride Concert on Friday night is not to be missed, you are sure to have a fantastic time!

While you are there you are sure to make some new friends, whether it is asking someone to be in your selfie or just randomly chatting up a friendly stranger for a silly time at one of the many many photo booths the Nashville Pride Festival will have on hand. Strangers easily become friends over conversations and compliments whether it is fabulous shoes or sexy biceps. And of course, the entire festival is family friendly with a whole inflatable playground for the kiddos.

And don't be surprised if you happen to spy a celebrity or two. We hear that Michael Jackson even made an appearance at the 2015 Nashville Pride Festival! Ok, ok. So it was Rasean Montrese, one of the BEST female Michale Jackson impersonators you will ever meet. Be sure to get a selfie...that is sure to make a great story!

And most important of all, be sure you stop by the vendor tents to say hello to Weddings & Events by Raina!! We will have an awesome giveaway (pictured below) that you will not want to miss and we just LOVE to meet newly engaged, newlyweds and anyone planning an event! We can promise you that we will make it special!!

Be sure to come by our booth to see us and be sure to place your entry to win a set of these fantastic champagne flutes for you and your partner. They are a real treat whether or not you are getting married!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!!

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