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Nashville Craft Beverage Company

We are SO excited to be teaming up with The Nashville Craft Beverage Company to bring you cost effective and super creative options for cocktails and mocktails for your wedding or next event!

The Nashville Craft Beverage Company is locally owned and operated by food service industry veterans. They create uniquely formulated and refined recipes for flavorful beverage and dessert infusions. They achieve this by using the highest quality ingredients to offer refreshing alternatives to pre-made drink mixes, time consuming handcrafted beverages and dessert coulis.

The Nashville Craft Beverage Company does all the work so you can create fresh and unique craft drinks and dessert coulis with minimal effort. Their delicious premium blends, made with fresh fruits, herbs, and natural goodness, bring warmth to every season. It is their aim is to deliver exquisite sips and quality products, combined with passion and freshness.

The Chef, Shandy Butler has been a lover of food and beverage throughout her life. Over the past decade, she has worked the full spectrum of the food service industry, specializing in creating exquisite drink concoctions and dessert coulis. With extensive hands-on experience, Shandy has perfected her skills by experimenting with a variety of flavor fusions and blends.

In 2016, Shandy’s vision and talents led to the creation of Nashville Craft Beverage Company. As Founder and Head Chef, Shandy now aims to share her unique blends with Nashville and beyond. Her motto is Craft Drinks Made Simple!

As owner and drink chef of Nashville Craft Beverage Company, her mission is to make the freshest drink blends. Her purpose is to assist bartenders and mixologists in quick beverage design and creation. It is her goal to help her customers; whether they be caterers, mixologists, wedding planners, restaurants or event venues, create the best beverages and cocktails specifically prepared for their events.

As a company, Shandy's unique blends are chilled and last up to 12 days refrigerated. They make great dessert coulis, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic craft beverages including: lemonades, limeades, flavored teas, sangrias and cocktails. Each blend comes with a suggested beverage menu and simple mixing instructions, and Shandy is even available to assist in staff training and private drink menu creation so you are guaranteed to have a signature cocktail or mocktail concocted just for you.

The Nashville Craft Beverage Company's blends are offered in gallon and half-gallon sizes. They contain all the fruits, vegetables, herbs and citrus your drinks will need to make fresh beverages by simply adding an optional sweetener and mixer such as water or tea.

If you choose to have signature cocktails at your next event, don't forget your guests who might not drink. We want to include everyone in on this tasty treat. The Nashville Craft Beverage Company also offers Fun Cups, pre-portioned alcohol free shots of the blend of your choosing for guests to add directly to their tea, water or lemonade for a vibrant and delectable taste experience.

Shandy Butler, owner and creator of The Nashville Craft Beverage Company, often says that she wants to be the Disney World of drinks. The "happiest place on earth," but in a glass. That desire is captured in each drink blend, and it carries through to your event!

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