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Navy is the new black...and other 2018 wedding trends we love!

Are you looking for a classic color scheme for the day you say, “I do?” Are you looking to bring shades of romance, tradition and a touch of modern style to the celebration? If so, then you'll need to know that navy is the new black. Navy brings a rich foundation to everything from the reception tables to the groom’s tux. As an alternative to the previously formal black, brides and grooms are opting for dark blue as the neutral shade in their wedding’s color palette. Midnight blue is now the color of choice for formal weddings.

We love to pair it with softer, gentler tones such as blush which touches everything so gently that all parts of the wedding will look a bit more delicate and full of femininity. However, navy lends itself so well to such a wide range of tones and hues. It is a rich color that can be paired with many colors and make your wedding color palette perfect...for example, pairing it with coral will give it a more modern feel really making the colors pop! We also love to pair it with gray and hints of soft lavender for a dreamy romantic feel or even metallics like gold for an edgy modern vibe. It’s important to pick your wedding palette early on in the planning process as the focus of the day will center around these tones and the theme you’re envisioning. Before you decide on the bouquet, the cake and, of course, the bridesmaids’ dresses, you’ll need to conquer this task.

Hanging flowers are the floral decor of 2018. When deciding on your floral décor consider suspended arrangements. From giant floral wreaths made from hula hoops to lush flower chandeliers, hanging arrangements are going to continue to grow in popularity, especially for weddings. Hanging floral installations lend themselves beautifully to large gatherings because not only do they make for memorable decor, they also free up table space for more food and conversation. Couples are keeping their guest tables simple and focusing more on ceiling treatments. For an understated centerpiece, one idea we see being popular for 2018 wedding reception tables is a small cluster of vases with just one or two types of flowers.

Couples are finding new ways to entertain guests. For 2018 it's very much about creating an incredible experience for their guests...everything from incorporating interactive elements into their wedding ceremony to entertaining their guests with creative or unusual food ideas, music, and photo booths. We love that the photo booth concept is not going away. Especially since the trend is now leaning more towards having an open booth with a backdrop. A no booth-booth. As for props, Melissa adds that people are tired of the same old props, so either they won’t have any props in their photo booth or they’ll seek out new, never-before-seen props.

Rustic is out but woodsy is in and we are loving it! Brides who want a rustic look and feel are steering away from the barn look to a more “woodsy” look. We love this because it includes a lot of greenery in the florals and a wide variety of lush green shades as the main event color. We are also seeing a departure from burlap and moving more into wooden details which can include the invitations, table numbers, seating cards, tags, chargers, signage, chairs and tables.

Bring on the texture! Enhancing the guests’ experience includes the details that they interact with. People want a lot of details, and are spending a lot on their guests’ experience. Different textures such as velvet tablecloths and something different on various elements, such as wax seals on menus, assorted glassware on each table, and even three different tabletops for the reception tables are some of the new ideas that guests will be sure to take notice of.

Unique food has become a priority. Something we have been hearing more and more from our couples is how important the food is to them. They want to present their guests with a new or unique food experience, something that resonates with their personal style. On the menu for 2018 wedding trends are interactive appetizer stations, including raw bars or roll your own sushi, using family recipes, farm-to-table dinners, and creative build your own desserts.

And speaking of desserts, couples have really been going all out with the desserts! We just love all the creative desserts we are seeing such as popsicles, custards and ice cream sandwiches. But this doesn’t mean that wedding cakes are going away. Wedding cakes are back in a big way, and the cake cutting ceremony is certainly on trend. Couples want that photo in their album, the same one their parents have in theirs.

What 2018 trends do you plan to incorporate into the vision you have of your dream wedding?

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