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Ombre Dyeing

It's a nice day for an ombre wedding! Gone are the days of the all-white wedding gown. We're seeing more wedding dresses featuring a dip-dyed effect at the bottom in every color imaginable, and the trend is truly more beautiful than you can imagine. These options are not only gorgeous, but endless.

For some brides, that picture-perfect traditional white wedding dress is the very definition of “I do” style, however, for others, they choose to throw tradition aside for colorful dresses that reflect their own unique look and carefree spirit. Whether it's a swirl of warm and cool color palettes, monochromatic ombré, their favorite color or even a combination of sorts, brides can now rock their rainbow down the aisle.

Dyeing wedding dress not only gives your formal dress a colorful touch, it also solves one major problem that many brides face. Anyone who has attended a wedding probably saw how dirty the gowns sometimes get from touching the ground. So there's a very practical reason to color the edges. From subtly blended hues to the eye-popping dip-dyed wedding dresses, there’s a little something for every bride, in every color of the spectrum. Sure, you still want to wear a white gown if you’re not looking to stray too far from the norm, but this way, you can still add a ton of personality to your gown.

Another advantage to this trend is that you can coordinate with the rest of the affair. Brides can match their dress to the bouquet or the overall color scheme and design by visually incorporating every aspect to bring it all together.

Although dip dye looks spectacular in one color, multiple hues can be used as a gradient to dazzling effect. The bride simultaneously stands out and blends in, her unique choice of dress another facet for guests to fawn over.

Want to have your gorgeous gown professionally dip-dyed for that fabulous ombre effect? Contact our friends over at Alteria.

Consultation is the 1st step and most important between the client and designer. During that meeting you will discuss the type of occasion and the style of your dress. It will be important for them to examine the various fabric types to ensure proper colorization for your desired color, look and effect. You want to be sure that your designer will be able to the desired color and intensity for your fabulous frock! Now, while most designers can work if you're in a rush, we always recommend planning ahead and giving them at least 2-3 weeks for proper dyeing.

Now, of course, you don't have to just dye your dress for the big day...you can also dye the dress after the fact for multi use! this is especially popular with super cute tea length wedding dresses. So fun and flirty!!

Keep in mind, dyeing isn't just for the bride. We always love it when the mothers and flower girls are dyed to match or even when brides consider specialty dyeing to meet a specific theme, like groomsmen's shirts get dyed in a rainbow colors!

Marisela, at Alteria, is the master of design and she would be delighted to assist you.

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Will you make your day more colorful?

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