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Packing for a Destination Wedding

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

During wedding season, you may receive several invitations to celebrations for your family members and friends; but an invite for a destination wedding comes far less often. When it does, you probably start dreaming of warm beaches or beautiful city adventures. But as the day approaches, you actually have to start planning for your trip. While it's not quite as fun as the actual trip, knowing how to pack for a destination wedding can prevent some major stress.

Planning any wedding has its challenges, but planning a destination wedding can offer a whole different set of hurdles. As an invited guest you have just as many options to face. Besides having to deal with all of the stress that comes with budgeting for the trip, booking transportation and hotels, you also have the added pressure of trying to squish everything you'll possibly need for the big day into a tiny suitcase.

There's nothing worse than accidentally damaging or spilling something on your outfit right before attending a wedding...except damaging or spilling something on your outfit right before attending a destination wedding. Without the usual access to all your other options in your closet, it's smart to pack a second pair of clothes just in case something happens.

Since size limits for liquid carry-ons can be super annoying, it's tempting to just buy products once you've arrived at your destination; but you're really better off bringing mini sizes of your favorites from home or just transferring them into TSA-approved containers to transport them. You can never be sure if the stores will carry the products you prefer when you arrive. Besides, it's really no fun to drag yourself away from the festivities to explore the city for your favorite shampoo.

If you were just traveling a few miles to a wedding, it would be pretty easy to pop your gift into the car; but when you're travelling hundreds (or even thousands) of miles, lugging along the toaster or microwave that the couple put on their registry can be a huge hassle. Consider having it delivered directly to the couple's home once they've returned. This will give them one less thing they'll have to keep track of, and be a nice surprise once the ceremony has ended.

Just because you're traveling with the purpose of attending a wedding doesn't mean that all you'll be there to do is attend the wedding. Instead, consider what you'll want to explore during any free time you might have. Research some activities and sites to see so you can pack accordingly. If you live in a cold city, you might automatically begin packing cozy outfits, even though you'll be jetting off to a southern location. Taking the time to see what the weather will be like in your selected destination will help you decide whether to bring that chic coat, or to swap it out for breathable linen.

Once you've checked off everything on your to-bring list and stuffed it into your suitcase, take a moment to relax. You'll be celebrating the union of two people you really care about, plus getting to explore an amazing city! It's time to get excited!! Bon Voyage!

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