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Perfect Protea Bouquets

We’re big fans of bold blooms, and it really doesn’t get more striking than a Protea flower in your bouquet. Proteas, our new favorite addition to a bridal bouquet, are also the national flower of South Africa.

Part of one of the oldest flower families in the world, Proteas have mythological associations with change and transformation, they symbolize diversity and courage. Varieties include a pin cushion (a more wiry flower), blushing bride (with soft petals) queen, and king (the sturdy versions you see more often).Grown abundantly in South Africa and Australia, as well as commercially in Hawaii and California the are in season throughout autumn, winter and spring.Though East Coast and European brides can still have them dried in their bouquets, so they work for every season. As a hardy, fibrous flower, they dry really well, making them a long-lasting option for your wedding day too.

While they come in a variety of sizes, they tend to be much bigger than most classic wedding flowers, so they rival the peony as a centerpiece of the bouquet. And like the peony, they can be used tightly closed or very wide and open.

Using one or three in a mixed bouquet can be really effective, but they also look gorgeous as a single flower bouquet. They are super stylish in decor too, but as they can be expensive depending on your season and location, for the best value, use them sparingly to make a real statement.

A statement bloom that varies from bright corals to rich pinks, and off-white blushes to touches of purple, protea even come in deep red, dusty blue and almost black. And while Southern Hemisphere brides have been toting them for years, in the rest of the world, these unique flowers, also known as Sugarbushes, are having a bit of a moment right now, and we reckon they’ll be something of a bouquet must-have for years to come!

As a somewhat exotic and unusual bloom, with both bright and muted tones, this versatile flower will work for many styles of wedding, but is perhaps best for boho or rustic weddings in loose, hand-tied bouquets, rather than a classic formal posy.

They look great with desert flowers like succulents, safari sunset, and scabiosa pods, or with really soft fluffy arrangements of cabbage roses, peonies and dusty miller – cascading foliage looks especially gorgeous with proteas.

So, now you know all about them, but you’ve no idea if Proteas are the wedding flowers for you? We’ve put together a few of our favorite pretty protea arrangements, so you can see if this cool bloom tickles your floral fancy…

1. A Mixed Bunch

Isha Foss Events Bouquet

2. Plucked from a Meadow

Bo Boutique bouquet

3. Bright Eyes

EV Floral Designs Bouquet

4. Desert Bride

Zingara Blooms bouquet

5. Tickled Pink

The Little Branch Bouquet

6. Simple Stem

Artisan Events bouquet

7. Winter Wedding

8. Dusty Hues

9. Fancy Foliage

Adornments Flowers & Finery Bouquets

10. Closed Quarters

Root 75 Bouquet

11. Red Wedding

Liz Rusnac Floral Design

12. Berry Nice

Fern Wedding Florist

13. Add Some Artichokes

Helene Gutiahr

14. Dried for a Bride

Floral Lab

15. Something Blue

Flowers by Bornay

16. King Size Centrepiece

Clementine Posy Bouquet

17. Open & Shut

18. White Wedding

19. Trailing Foliage

20. Birds of a Feather

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