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Pinterest Planning Do's and Don'ts

Pinterest has made the wedding planning process even more inspired! With a whopping 54% of brides using Pinterest to relay their wedding-day vision to planners like us and 64% creating boards for their big day it's safe to say that pinning has become an integral part of the planning process.

With Pinterest, couples have access to a huge collection of wedding inspirations. Pinterestcan save you money with DIY projects, help you get advice and inspiration from previous brides, grooms and bridesmaids, and allow you to collect images that can help make your dream wedding a reality.

A bride can also use group boards on Pinterest while planning her wedding. By inviting her groom, sister(s), best friend(s), wedding planner, or mom she can share her vision of her big day while getting visual advice and inspiration from those whose opinions she trusts the most.But are you taking full advantage of the social media site or allowing it to take advantage of you?

We suggest the following:

Create a secret wedding board

So you can pin as much wedding stuff as your little heart desires without annoying off your followers or having to worry about another bride-to-be stealing your best ideas. We highly recommend inviting your wedding planner and anyone else you'd like actively involved in the planning process, such as your mom and bridesmaids, permission to not only access, but potentially add pins to your secret board too. That way, all you are all on the same page…literally. We simply adore it when brides have a Pinterest board for their weddings because then is there’s no need to carry around large three-ring binder when you’re meeting with your wedding planner – all you need is the Pinterest app!

Pinterest is a great tool for planning your wedding and managing all of your ideas. You find something on the internet that inspires you, you pin it, and you’ll have the link to the resource for more information, tutorials, or pricing. On Pinterest you can create as many boards as you like, or just start with a single board such as Wedding and pin all your favorite ideas from wedding blogs, stationary sites, dress designers, and more. The sky is the limit for pinning inspiration. If you’re the more organized type you can create unique boards that help you find what you’re looking for faster than browsing through a single board. You can create boards like DIY Weddings, Dresses, Hairstyles, Favors, and so on. Pinterest has become almost a personal assistant to many in the process of planning and designing a wedding. When you don’t know where to begin, open our Pinterest page and look through the different boards to see what catches your eye.

Don't let Pinterest stifle your style or creativity

Just because you can't find it on Pinterest doesn't mean it's a bad idea, seriously. Sometimes brides can get so caught up in what's hot and trendy in the wedding world that they forget to trust your own sense of style. Look around your home and in your closet to see what patterns and prints pop up often, the colors you're naturally drawn to and your overall design style. Your wedding should be a reflection of the two of you, and if that means you want a bold, bright color scheme instead of all blush everything, so be it.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over my years working as a wedding planner, it’s that rarely does anything happen as expected, but that is part of the beauty of planning weddings. Often when we meet clients for the first time they say, ‘I just don’t even know where to start!’ We always recommend looking for that special something that inspires you. An image, a pattern or fabric, a floral arrangement or a family heirloom. If you find something you absolutely love, this can be the inspiration and set the foundation for building a beautiful event.

Do change the captions

Whether you're repinning a dreamy dress or adding a romantic updo to your wedding board, it's important to personalize each caption, making sure you're very specific about what it is that drew you to the photo in the first place. this way when you return to it you aren’t wasting time looking at it thinking, “now what was this again??” If it is the breathtaking lace back on that dress that caught your eye or the understated floral crown the bride wearing it in the picture, taking the time to be descriptive now will save you a ton of frustration (especially when it comes to communicating your vision to event planner and vendors) down the line.

Wedding planner and vendors love getting to SEE something as opposed to just hearing about it. This visual element is what really sparks the creative process. Using Pinterest for your wedding is like you getting to shop through tons of different weddings all categorized by theme and color. And it’s not just about the ceremony and reception, it’s the details that we love most from the flowers to the invitations, to the shoes and everything else. It’s amazing how the design of an invitation can inspire the entire theme of your wedding or the colors of a peony can inspire your whole tablescape. Sometimes you just have to take the time to search and discover what’s right for the two of you. Pinterest has provided the platform for incredible inspiration and the best way of keeping things on track and organized.

Do pin to multiple boards

While having one giant wedding board for inspiration is great, type-A brides and grooms in particular might want to look into creating multiple boards for streamlining ideas and inspiration. For example, a strictly bridal beauty board makes it easy for your hairstylist and makeup artist to navigate and get a better sense of your vision without having to scroll through a bunch of photos on table settings. With that said though, it's worth giving them a quick glance at all the details to ensure your beauty look lines up with the overall vibe you're going for.

Other separate board ideas include: photography that speaks to you, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, cakes and invitations. Just don't be naive. Styled shoots are wonderful sources of inspiration, however, duplicating all the intricate details for large scale wedding is often impossible, unrealistic and prohibitively expensive. This is true for a several reasons, but to name one example, a lot of the specialty rental items (like lounge furniture) you see on Pinterest aren't that easy to come by. And if you can find them, they likely come with a high price tag!

Do know when enough is enough

Wedding planning is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful for a lot of people. Although it is meant to be a time to celebrate love and family, many people can get wrapped up in everything from color schemes to party themes, and sometimes lose focus on the important aspects that make a wedding so special.

Similar to your love life, if you're constantly searching for the next best thing, you'll never be satisfied. So once you've settled on an overall look and style, step away from the computer and start working with your event planner to bring your vision to life. Work with your wedding vendors to put your own personal touch on some of the photos and trends you've pinned. Who knows, maybe your wedding will wind up inspiring other brides because it's not the exact same as everyone else's on Pinterest!

Having a website like Pinterest at your fingertips can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you have a wealth of ideas and inspirations to draw from, but on the other, you have so many choices and options that it can be difficult to make any sort of decision. The trick is figuring out how to use it to your advantage and not letting it suck you into a swirl of ambivalence and indecisiveness. We advise couples to set some time aside to just go crazy. Explore as many boards and pins as you can, compile a collection of everything you love, and then start to narrow them down to a few favorites then try and steer clear from the Pinterest world until the wedding is over. It will be tempting to continue searching for the newest and greatest pins, but eventually you need to draw the line and realize that your big day will be all that you’ve dreamt it to be – without having to keep peeking for more. Realistically, you can’t do it all. Even if you could, you want the focus to be on the two of you, not on how incredible your grand sparkler exit was at the end of the night.

Now that you’re feeling inspired, create your dream wedding board or add to your existing wedding board to make sure that your big day will be one that you and your loved ones will never forget. Go check out Pinterest’s Weddings section for more inspiration, or simply get your start on our Pinterest page then share your favorite wedding boards in the comments below!

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