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Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

We all have a lot going on right now with daily stresses and added anxiety from COVID-19. Many are looking for a good distraction. If your wedding date is approaching, you may have a great deal of uncertainty regarding whether to postpone, how your plans might change, your honeymoon details and much more. There are actually quite a few things you can do while for your wedding while in quarantine. Its best to keep moving forward, check off some of those things on your list, have a creative outlet for your stress and even have some fun with your partner.

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Double check your contracts

Read over all your contracts. They should include postponement clauses and any potential costs associated. Most wedding professionals have been very flexible during this crazy time but do not contact anyone before reviewing your contract so you know exactly what to expect should the need arise.

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Work on your guest list

There’s no better time to work on your guest list. Now is the time to make all those hard decisions...who is in and who is out. As we carry on through these uncertain times, this is an excellent time to reconsider your guest count since it is directly tied to how large or small your budget has become.

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Give notice to your guests

If you’ve decided to postponing your wedding for a later date, be sure to send out an announcement to your guest once you have selected a new date. This can be done by email, however it should then be followed up by a formal announcement card.

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Update your wedding website

A wedding website is the perfect way to keep all your guests up-to-date on the details and developments of your big day. The best part is that there are some really beautiful, free templates out there for you to take advantage of.

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Organize your address list.

Quarantine is the perfect time to work on your address list. Collecting addresses gives you the perfect opportunity to reach out and check in on your loved ones while we’re all practicing safe social distancing

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Create mood boards and do research

Use Pinterest to create your mood board and gather a variety of ideas...everything from color palettes, bouquet inspiration, cake inspiration, your overall theme and decor inspiration, bridesmaid dresses, and even invitation design. There is just so much there to pick from! You can also search for videos and photos on Instagram to get a sense of your top vendors and venues. Then touch base with them to schedule FaceTime meetings with the vendors whose work you love.

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Select your wedding flowers

Once you have your bouquet, arbor, and centerpiece inspiration selected, schedule FaceTime meetings with your planner and florist to work out all the details of your overall floral plan. You can choose everything from flowers to colors to whether or not you prefer a more organic look versus something more styled.

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Stay positive with a countdown

With all of the negative news swirling around us, you, your friends and family need something positive to look forward to. Creating a wedding countdown is the way to place a light at the end of the tunnel.

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Create your gift registry (don't forget honeymoon experiences)

We know there isn't anything more fun than zapping items with that little scanner gun, however, couples at home can still take advantage of the wide array of online registry options available. You can register for anything and everything from helpful household items to honeymoon experiences and even cash! Cross this task off your list by shopping entirely online.

Find the venue of your dreams

Throw your hair into a messy bun, get comfy in those yoga pants, grab your laptop, and create a pro and con list of all your top wedding venues. We suggest listing them by location, budget, guest count, and style. Do you want a rustic barn or a ballroom? An industrial space or a historic mansion? Once you and your fiancee get it narrowed down, book a site visit right from your couch.

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Redefine your overall design

Now is a great time to go through your overall aesthetics as well as the logistics forf your wedding. FaceTime with your planner, florist and drapery and lighting and cake artists. Get your decor ideas organized and detail oriented. This will make it easier on your vendors if you have a clearer idea on all the aspects from color to theme.

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Select the groom and groomsmen's attire

You’ve been planning your perfect wedding, and you want to keep that excitement going. Take a look at Instagram and Pinterest for various styles and inspiration then either share this with the amazing customer service team at Street Tuxedo or go online to Generation Tux to plan it all from home. Design the perfect look for your guys with the Street Tuxedo Tux Truck which comes right to your home or Order free swatches as well as a free home try-on from Generation Tux.

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Order suits and tuxes

Make sure your gentlemen have the perfect look for your perfect day. If they haven't already gotten professionally measured for their suits, they can call in their own measurements to the amazing team at Street Tuxedo after following this guide. They can also determine their exact measurements on the Generation Tux website. Once they've got their measurements its just a quick click or phone call away from reserving their look for your big day.

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Become an eco-friendly shopper

Now that finding what you’re looking for at a traditional bridal salon isn’t an option, give StillWhite, a try. This digital marketplace is the perfect place for bride-to-be’s to connect with former brides who are selling their dresses for less than retail price. Now you can turn your perfect Pinterest dream into reality. Stillwhite has made it possible for the budget-savvy bride to purchase the perfect pre-loved dress while creating less waste.

Prepare your speeches

Begin writing the notes to your wedding party to accompany their gifts, writing your vows to one another, and of course your thank you speeches. This is the perfect time to find some quiet space for peaceful reflection. Take stock of what’s really important in your life and focus on that for inspiration. Writing has been proven to alleviate anxiety, and you now have time to really create a masterpiece. That said, we recommend using pen and paper instead of a computer...letting the ideas just flow. It provides for a far more therapeutic experience.

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Work on your invitations

Sit down together and work out the wording that you both prefer for your wedding invitations, postponement announcements, menus, signs and other wedding day items. Even if your new date, due to a postponement, is up in the air you can really take time to think through the overall aesthetic and design. Take this time to go over each pice and make sure everything is perfect. By working with The Artisan Abode, you won't even have yo wait until 'shelter in place' has been lifted. She can create and order your designs today!

Consider your guest's experience

This is a great time to work on sentimental or fun details for your wedding. Its a great time to find discounts and sales so be sure to take some time to look fro all those special little extras for your bridal party and your guests.

Quarantine Wedding Planning Tasks

Design your wedding bands

There’s no time like a quarantine! Its the best time to design your custom wedding bands for the big day. Why select the same bands everyone else has access to when you can add something with a personal touch? Thanks to 3D modeling, many jewelers are offering made-to-order bands to match your vision for the perfect wedding set.

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