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Real Life Bridal Survival Guide

Are you getting a huge amount of pressure to lose weight in the lead up to the wedding? Is there no end to the helpful clicks and tuts on hand to try and whip you into shape? Are the bridal stores using all kinds of euphemisms for asking about your weight loss plans? My favorite is the the ever so polite "Now, are we planning on losing or gaining any weight for the big day?"

If you're not used to speaking up it really can be intimidating and upsetting. Every bride has a vision of how she wants to look on her wedding day. While this is a mindset held by most brides, a world where a slimmer bride must be the more beautiful bride isn't always true. We believe ALL our brides are beautiful and none are ever more lovely then on their wedding day!

Here are some ways to curb the negativity:

1. Lay down some ground rules when it comes to your body. For example, it's none of your business. Tell your bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law or bridal shop attendant that negative body talk is not permitted during fittings. Do not allow yourself to be railroaded by any unproductive and negative discussions or thoughts!

2. Look at some real life weddings. Our website gallery, Instagram and Facebook pages are filled with all our beautiful happy, celebrating and looking great amazing brides!

3. Talk about your ideas with your wedding party. This is especially important when it comes to garments. Different bodies like to wear different things and everyone wants to look their best for your big day!

4. Remember, bridal stores generally carry two sizes in "try on" dresses – 10 and 18. Don't let that frustrate you when you go for fittings.

5. Investigate a dressmaker. If you need a recommendation we can help with ALL of your wedding needs!! The couture seamstresses we recommend are also pattern designers. They have incredible pattern drafting skills which they use to outfit women large and small who don't fit within mainstream sizing. If you find something in store you love that doesn't quite fit, we also have a list of amazing expert seamstresses that specialize in bridal and formal attire.

6. Listen to people, but don't forget that YOU are the bride! Plenty of bridal (and plain old everyday fashion) assistants have plenty of things to say on what’s “flattering” or “suitable”. There seem loads of rules and regulations and if you bother following all of them you'll basically wave goodbye to any sense of individuality.

If you really want to wear a dress that’s cut a certain way, ask the assistant or the dressmaker if there’s something close if they absolutely veto your first choice. Tell them why you want your neckline just like so. Be assertive and use “I statements." For example, saying “I feel confident when I have cap sleeves” or “I feel really gorgeous in a strapless dress” will really drive the point home. Push for what you want, or else you’re having someone else’s wedding.

7. Wear comfortable shoes that fit correctly. Most wedding days go on for 12 hours. You don’t want to be wearing unsupportive shoes that make you snarl. Alternatively, take your shoes off if you find you are uncomfortable and have a backup pair on hand so you can continue to dance all night long!

*Expert tip: Break in those beautiful bridal shoes by wearing them with thick socks. This will help to stretch them just enough that they will keep you from blistering and hurting on your big day.

8. You do not have to wear the garter belt. If you prefer not to have your husband dig through your skirts in front of all your loved ones simply arrange to slip it to him with a magical sleight of hand during the whole garter toss show by pinning it inside your skirt. Of course, if you hate this part of the reception then simply nix it. You’re not really beholden to anyone to include anything on your wedding day besides the bits required by law during your ceremony!

After months of planning, your wedding day should be when you take the pressure down. If you’ve been true to yourself and your relationship, you should be feeling completely at ease surrounded by all the people who love you and wish you well.

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