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Hand Pressed Stationery Suites

Scale House Print Shop is a fun and funky new letterpress shop located in the old office and scale house of Clark Iron and Metal Company. This is the must go to place for that traditional show bill style unique to the many concerts of Nashville.

The metal recycling yard, where it is located, was founded in Murfreesboro in 1931 which also happens to be the same year that their beautiful Chandler and Price printing press was also built. In 1961, Clark Iron moved to the company's current location in Murfreesboro's Historic Bottoms. The office where the Scale House Print Shop is now located is in the original historic building.

Years before the invention of computers and typewriters, letterpress was the technique of relief printing that uses a printing press with movable type and repeatedly presses a raised ink surface against sheets of paper to create an impression on the paper.

Letterpress can include other forms of relief printing with printing presses, such as wood engravings, photo-etched zinc plates, and linoleum blocks, which can be used alongside metal type, or wood type.

The art of letterpress printing dates back to the mid-15th century with the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg. It remained the primary way to print until the 20th century, when offset printing was developed.

We are absolutely loving this renaissance that letterpress printing has been seeing in an artisanal form. By using their 1892 Golding Pearl and 1913 Chandler and Price printing presses, Scale House Print Shop uses handset metal and wood type and hand-carved illustrations to create artistic and unique paper goods for the special occasions and memorable moments in your life.

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