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Should You Cancel or Postpone Your Wedding?

By now you have surely heard the news that the CDC announced that gatherings with 10 people or more should be cancelled, including weddings, for the next 8 weeks with no guarantee that we will be in the clear anytime soon. We would give all of you a hug if we could. This is a stressful time to be in the event world (Or, to be in the world. period.)

The hearts of our entire team are breaking for our couples whose weddings are quickly approaching and for every other wedding and event professional who will undoubtedly be affected by this. If you now find yourselves facing the gut wrenching decision to either cancel or postpone your wedding due to the Corona Virus pandemic, we're here to help you. ⁠We truly wish that this is something that could have been anticipated or planned ahead for, but a decision has to be made, especially if your wedding is happening with the next 2 months.⁠⠀



The CDC is urging a nationwide halt to gatherings of more than 50 people (or 10 people over the next 15 days) for the next eight weeks, citing the risk of the Corona Virus. Mind you, this is a recommendation and not a mandate. This means that at this time you can still decide on what to do with regards to your wedding.⁠⠀

⁠⠀ Our recommendation?

POSTPONE your wedding day, DON’T CANCEL⁠.⁠⠀

Obviously, we will need to consider each event on a case by case basis since we are not fully aware of your unique circumstances, however, let's consider what we do know...

You’ve already paid your deposits and likely made other payments.

You’ve planned and envisioned your perfect day for months, maybe even a year or more.

We wouldn’t want any of that to go to waste!

That said, only you can choose what is right for your loved ones, in light of this public health crisis. There is no right way or wrong way for how to deal with COVID-19 and your wedding...it is simply what is best for YOU.

Trust us, your vendors will be more that willing to assist you in making the safest plan for your wedding day if your date happens to fall within the next eight weeks. They will be happy to try to find the best date to reschedule so that you can include everyone on your original guest list. You could opt to keep your current date by making some safety modifications such as a guest count reduction with the promise of live streaming your ceremony for those who choose to remain home. If this is the case, have your planner speak with the caterers to see if they would be willing to accommodate a smaller guest count or even see if your photographer might able to adjust their coverage package to something with fewer hours.

Be sure to consider all the variables when making your decision.

- Would you feel that guests/family/friends might feel you were insensitive moving forward with the wedding on the current date?

- Do you have immune compromised guests/elderly guests?

- Is your wedding taking place in an area of already known large Covid-19 cases and potential quarantine?

- Will your venue remain open?

- Will you be even more stressed that even more restrictions could be put in place in the coming weeks?

- If you were to have the wedding in the near future would you feel as if a dark cloud was hanging over it?

For all of these reasons and more we highly encourage you to postpone...NOT cancel. Canceling means you would not be getting married at all. No one wants that for you. If your wedding is taking place in an area that is not considered a Corona Virus hot-zone, and if your guest count is under the recommended 50, (or you adjust it to be so), then proceed as planned. However, be mindful that many guests may still choose not to attend. This virus is likely lurking everywhere already, even if it doesn’t seem like it yet. We all need to do what is best for the entire population, and postpone large gatherings. And your guests will be grateful for your making this decision sooner rather than later. Otherwise they might be in the uncomfortable position of canceling on you at the last minute.

However, if any of the issues we've brought up are against COVID-19 recommendations, it’s best to work with your event planner to postpone. We are going to do our very best to make this entire process as smooth as possible. So we can all celebrate your love at a later date. Keep in mind that canceling your event carries serious financial ramifications. You not only run into the risk of losing all of your deposits, but potentially still owing final payments to vendors due to the late nature of your cancellation based on the contracts you signed.

We strongly encourage you to not make this decision on your own. Connect with your planner or wedding day vendor team to discuss options. Your planner will be able to help you reach an informed decision and direct you towards the next steps. We also recommend that you include your venue and caterer on the front end of these discussions. In many instances, you may not have much of a choice in the matter, however, with the right team in place, they can help you navigate a postponement with ease. Just remember, your vendors are here for you. We have more connections in this industry that you might realize. We will find a solution that works for all considered. While we may have more questions than answers right now just know that your beautiful wedding day is waiting for you on the other side of this.

Now, if you didn’t already have a wedding planner, this could be the perfect time to get one. They can expertly assist you with of the extra management of tasks that will arise with the postponement your wedding. Many planners are available to offer their expertise and services for your wedding. Some wedding planners are even creating special packages for this unique circumstance.

Please contact us if you are in need of assistance. If we do not reply immediately please be patient. We are likely off washing our hands and will touch base as soon as our hands are dry. We are all wading through territory that is completely unknown and taking this day by day, but we are here for you. We will get through this if we stand strong together. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

We are here with a shoulder to cry on (virtually of course), a plan for moving forward and enough hand sanitizer to go around. I know we are all feeling the impact of this pandemic in one way or another but we’re all in this together and will be on the other side of this all before we know it. Stay strong, stay clean, and stay positive

We are not a medical professionals or a lawyers, and everything that is shared here is opinion. But, they are opinions based on experience and facts, which you can then take to make your own decision.

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