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Signs It's Time To Clean Your Engagement Ring

We can all agree that we put our beautiful engagement rings through a lot. After all, we wear them every single day without taking them off. From the moment we slip them on they’re with us as we run errands, clean dirty dishes and perform other activities that involve our hands.

But just like anything else that’s worn daily and comes into contact with different products, it can start to show. And when it comes to your engagement ring, the symbol of your love, looking lifeless and worn out is the last thing you want. If you’re looking at your ring and wondering if it’s time for a good cleaning, here are three signs the answer is yes:

  1. A Dull Shine

  2. Cloudy Appearance

  3. Visible Discoloration

Don’t worry, your dull diamond ring hasn’t lost its shine, it’s just being blocked out. You see, since you’re wearing your ring as you go through the motions of your daily routine it will start to collect all kinds of dirt, grime, oils, and even bacteria. All stones, including lab diamonds, are a magnet for grease and oils...even the natural oils on your fingers can stick to them. Over time this film of filth will coat your the stones in your ring, blocking out light and dimming its radiant shine. This light-blocking film will continue to build up and become even more problematic when you don’t clean your ring properly.

No doubt you’re washing your ring daily with water, but that’s not enough. Your ring needs a little more care and attention to dissolve all that stubborn dirt and grime. With that being said, we’ll be sharing a few pro cleaning tips that you can use to keep your ring looking brilliant from now on!

When it comes to cleaning your ring, you can go about it in several ways. You just need to make sure the cleaning method is correct for your diamonds and any other kind of stone featured in your ring. Otherwise, you’ll do more harm than good while you try to remove dirt and grime. Two methods that you can use at home on any kind of stone and metal to keep your ring clean are....

Soap and Water, Plus a Soft Toothbrush

No matter what kind of setting or metal your rings has, it’s best to use a gentle soap and water solution. To create this simple solution, all you need is a small bowl, warm water, and dishwashing soap. Then take your ring and allow it to soak for about 20 to 40 minutes depending on how dirty it is. If your ring is dull because it’s covered in hard to remove substances such as hairspray, makeup or lotion, you can grab a soft toothbrush and give it a good scrub to remove the residue. Once you’re done, rinse the ring under warm running water (don’t forget the drain cover!) then take a look at your ring. If you see there’s still residue covering the stone and band, repeat the previous steps then dry with a lint-free cloth.

A Non-Abrasive and Chemical-Free Solution

You can give your ring a thorough clean by reaching for a professional-grade solution that’s non-abrasive and chemical-free. A jewelry solution will effortlessly restore and polish diamonds, precious stones, platinum, and gold jewelry without causing any kind of damage. Just make sure it’s truly a chemical-free and doesn’t include bleach, chlorine, or acetone.

Now, if your ring is still looking a bit rough after using these methods, it’s time to get some help from a professional who can properly inspect and clean your ring. After your ring has been professionally cleaned, you can continue to use the other methods to maintain the shine.

Now, thankfully you can’t clean your engagement ring too much when it’s being done the right way. But, if you’re using all kinds of harsh chemicals regularly that’s when you’re doing too much. Those chemicals will end up damaging the metal and stones, affecting the overall look of the ring. It’s best to stick to the methods we mentioned above as they are all recommended and gentle enough to use as needed. To make sure your engagement ring shows off its striking luster daily, you need to clean your ring every two weeks, once a month and twice a year.

Every Two Weeks Removes Daily Dirt As you may know, diamonds are one of the strongest gemstones out there. This fact is probably why we think we can put our diamond rings through so much without thinking twice. But even though daily wear and tear isn’t a problem, built-up dirt, grime, and bacteria can quickly become one. To maintain the look of your ring and keep germs at bay, you need to gently clean your ring every two weeks. This cleaning can be done within 20 minutes with just a bowl, dishwashing soap and a soft toothbrush to give the diamonds and metal band a gentle scrub. Remember to wipe away the excess moisture with a lint-free cloth and don’t wear it for at least 1 hour.

Once a Month for a Thorough Cleaning Get out your calendar and set aside some time once a month to give your ring a more thorough cleaning. Take your ring and submerge it in a gentle cleansing solution to dissolve away grime and dirt that your weekly cleaning may have missed. And remember, your diamonds are strong and resilient but they’re not indestructible. Never submerge your ring in any kind of liquid for too long, use harsh chemicals or rigorously scrub your diamonds. You’ll end up damaging your ring in the long run and put it at risk of developing loose stones or scratched diamonds. Also, make it a point to learn more about your ring’s setting, metal type, and the stones so you can take care of them using the proper methods.

Twice a Year for a Professional Cleaning We highly recommend that you get your ring cleaned and inspected by a professional every 6 months. Depending on the jeweler and warranty, professional cleanings may be free or require small payments. Either way, the results are worth it. A knowledgable and trained professional jeweler can check your ring to ensure no stone is coming loose or prong is bending. Plus, they’ll be able to clean your ring with tools that you don’t have at home.

When you follow this easy cleaning routine for your engagement ring, you’ll be able to keep your ring from harboring germs, dirt, and oils all while maintaining it’s remarkable shine!

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