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FEATURED FRIDAY - Simplify your wedding emails with Dittach!

You’ve hired an amazing wedding planner which will surely help you say yes to less stress, but if you really want to save your sanity, we highly recommend downloading Dittach. Its a beautiful new app that works as a file-finder for your dedicated wedding Gmail account, which all couples know is an absolute must! Having a dedicated email specifically for your wedding helps keep everything all in one place, but by adding Dittach you can zip through finding anything and everything saving yourselves time and stress.

Dittach allows you to seamlessly search or browse every single email you’ve ever sent or received with regards to your event.

You can search directly from the Gmail search bar for photos, attachments, contracts, and emails.

Dittach makes it so easy to go directly from an attachment to the email it came with so that you can review details and answer any questions you may be wondering about very simply and easily. (It’s like having your planner in your back pocket!)

You can even forward, print or share attachments to anyone in your contacts list. Truth be told, all of us at Weddings & Events by Raina simply cannot imagine how we ever managed without this incredible time saving tool!

The best thing about Dittach is that it is totally safe. They do not read or make changes to your account, emails or attachments, and you can remove Dittach at any time…although we can’t imagine why you ever would.

Simply, put, its like the Pinterest Save Button except for all your attachments, photos you’ve sent yourself, for all your contract and wedding vendor emails. This way whether you’re trying to find that inspiration photo you’ve sent to your florist to show off to your bridesmaids or the gorgeous cake design you spotted on Instagram and emailed to your cake artist or even a contract that your wedding planner sent you for review and signatures, you can sift through it all seamlessly in seconds.

So what are you waiting for? Here is the link to Dittach: https://goo.gl/hy6Ewj. It works through Google Chrome, so be sure you open your wedding Gmail in that browser before Dittaching and making your wedding email stresses melt away!

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