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Exercising on your wedding day may not sound like the first thing you want to do, but the unexpected is bound to occur and including some time for a yoga session in the busy and potentially overwhelming hours prior to a wedding is a wonderful way to relax and connect with loved ones, friends, family and yourself. Doing a little yoga will not only calm your wedding nerves, but also balance out your emotions and make you look better in photos. It will prepare you to take on an of the little mishaps or miscommunication that may occur with an improved sense of calm body and serene spirit.

We picked the brain of Yogi Nila owner of Simply Yoga to find out precisely why yoga is perfect for brides. You see, the days, weeks and months leading up to your wedding day can simultaneously be the most exciting, memorable and stressful time of your life. There are guest lists to organize, food to select and all sorts of speed bumps that can derail your sense of inner peace along the way to your big day.

Bridal Yoga

On your wedding day you want to look and feel your best emotionally and physically and yoga is the best way to bring out the best you on your wedding day. The physical benefits of a yoga routine will have your body in balance and spirit in harmony that will bring you a serene calm to carry you through your day. There is truly no better way to start the journey to most important day of your life than with classes at Simply Yoga.

Bridal Yoga

Yoga gives brides (or grooms) a chance to learn how to best take a moment for themselves during the busy days, weeks, and months of planning in addition to the busy hours leading up to the walk down the aisle. By setting aside some time to devote to non-wedding talk and preparations is important. This can actually make the planning process go more seamlessly. After all, it is important to be ready to take on any challenges that may present themselves while bypassing any pre-wedding jitters and avoiding the "bridezilla" stereotype.

Bridal Yoga

Weddings are all about making connections and sharing special moments with your loved ones, friends and family, but most importantly it is about making a new connection with your life long mate. Simply Yoga offers private classes for you and your bridesmaids, you and your mom or even you and your fiancee.

Bridal Yoga

So, before you connect with all of the wonderful people in your life, it is important to take some time to connect with yourself. Just focus on your breathing, gently stretching and energizing to be truly present on the day you've been waiting for your entire life.

Bridal Yoga

The exercise aspect of yoga is yet another reason to fit in some sessions with Simply Yoga into your wedding planning itinerary as well as it will get your blood flowing and endorphins pumping. "An hour of yoga goes a long way." said Yogi Nila of Simply Yoga. "It helps you feel confident as you slip into your wedding dress during fittings." In addition to these benefits, having a jump started metabolism can make alcohol easier to process as well, which may be another perk, if you are planning on sipping champagne and enjoying your cake on your wedding day.

Bridal Yoga

Simply Yoga offers several yoga wedding packages. Whether you want to spend time connecting with your fiancee or want to share this time with the girls who will be by your side when you say "I do." Yoga will have both of you calm and ready to take on your magical day together.

1. Yoga truly reduces stress levels Unless you are the most chill bride ever, you're likely going to be stressed out. In fact, stress is one of the leading causes of mental breakdowns for brides, points out Yogi Nila "The overwhelming sense of duty to please others and get everything perfect can be daunting." Nila suggests participating in a more gentle flow class pre-wedding, as opposed to a hot yoga class, in order to heighten the sense of relaxation.

2. Yoga boosts your happiness Your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. Unfortunately, too many brides get caught up in all the little details and family drama to enjoy their wedding the way they really should. Yoga helps with this. "It clears your mind, decreases anxiety and promotes a sense of positive energy releasing endorphins throughout your body, making you feel good, calm, patient and happy. " explains Yogi Nila.

3. Yoga enables you to live in the moment

Everyone always tells you that your wedding day will go by in a flash. Trust us, it absolutely will! Yoga gives you the opportunity to slow down and truly be present in the moment.

4. Yoga is great for public speaking

Brides with stage fright can definitely benefit from calming yoga breathing practices. Before you recite your wedding vows, Yogi Nila recommends practicing a few rounds of diaphragmatic breathing to help you get rid of any jitters and steady your breath so you can project the words better without sounding breathy and nervous.

5. Yoga makes your photos better Keep in mind, we don't mean crazy cool pics of you twisted up like a pretzel, but in general yoga makes your wedding photo better. You see, when you're not 100% present, as yoga basically forces you to be, you can detect the tightness in your face and irritability through fake smiles, warns Yogi Nila.

6. Yoga improves posture and alignment Another fantastic advantage to yoga is that it helps with posture and alignment. "You'll feel confident and look good, especially in those all important wedding photos," said Yogi Nila.

7. Yoga gives you a gorgeous glow Yoga increases your circulation, in turn, giving you that gorgeous glow that all brides crave. Moreover, spending time in any inversion pose, whether that's Handstand, Headstand or Downward Facing Dog, helps to counter the effects of gravity and increase the elasticity of your skin, advises Yogi Nila.

8. Yoga balances out your emotions Whether you're the type to cry during a Disney movie or you compare yourself to the Tin Man, you may be surprised at how much yoga can help you balance your emotions. "For the extra emotional, you'll be able to get through the ceremony with your makeup still intact. For the emotionless, yoga may bring out a softer side of you that only a special day like your wedding could have awakened," says Yogi Nila.

Bridal Yoga

Yogi Nila can be reached via phone and email to make an appointment to attend classes.

Classes are held Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm.

Simply Yoga offers Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Grief & Loss Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Private sessions are available as are private groups classes.

Reservations are required.

Email: ngober@gmail.com (615) 542-4829

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