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Stunning Composite Bouquets

The Composite bouquet, also called a Glamelia, is made from hundreds of flower petals that are wired or sometimes glued, together to create one gigantic flower. This single bloom bouquet is often carried by brides who love unique ideas for their wedding. You may be surprised to learn, however, the glameria bouquet is not a new concept. They were actually quite popular in the 1930’s.

Composite bouquets are used as an alternative to the conventional bridal bouquets and are best for the bride who thinks outside the box. This type of bouquets requires a special technique to create. They are actually composed of thousands of flower petals, wired by hand, piece by piece to make one large bloom and become one of the most beautiful flower bouquets for a wedding you have ever seen.

These giant flower bouquets are created by painstakingly by assembling the petals from many flowers with florist’s glue and wire. In many cases, one real blossom will form the center of the bouquet. This magnificent effect takes great skill to achieve, but the results are truly stunning, so be sure that you select a florist who has experience with these types of bouquets. A well done one is amazing... a bad one is just plain tacky.

Not all flowers are suited for the creation of a composite wedding bouquet, so be sure to keep this in mind when selecting blooms for your bouquet. Flowers with thick, waxy petals that hold up to extra handling, wiring and gluing make the best composite bridal bouquets. Roses are the flower that is most often used these days for this bouquet, however, they can be made with almost any flower from lilies to orchids. Just remember that flowers with more delicate petals, like roses, may not last through an outdoor wedding and reception due to heat and humidity.

A composite bouquet looks exquisite in its simplest form, but if you want to add a little more zing, florists can add to their artistry by including embellishments to the arrangement by using crystals or pearls in the center of the bouquet, or about tucking feathers amongst the petals.

Due to the extensive labor involved to create these stunning composite bouquets, the price can be much higher than other styles, but it will be well worth it when you see that it is absolutely unlike anything anyone else has. Glamelias are truly a statement piece as you walk down the aisle!

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