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Styling Your Wedding With Pumpkins

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Pumpkin Tablescape

We love pumpkins. Lots and lots of pumpkins! They are relatively inexpensive as far as wedding decor goes and they are so versatile. Pumpkins can be used for many of your wedding details from ceremony decor to centerpieces. We love to incorporate pumpkin accents into all autumn weddings. It really brings the feel of the season without implying a spooky haunted house feel.

Pumpkin Aisle Decor

Pumpkin Aisle Decor

We love to see aisles lined with pumpkins or church entrances adorned with pumpkins, autumn leaves and festive fall flowers.

Pumpkin Tablescape
Pumpkin Tablescape
Pumpkin Tablescape

Pretty Pumpkin Tablescapes

Rather than using flowers, we love the look of autumnal fruits and gourds for centerpieces and runners. By using an array of shades and sizes as they run down the length of your farm table or surrounding them with candles and flowers on a circular table, this provides a lovely autumnal feel as well as the look of a professionally styled tablescape.

Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece

Pumpkin Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements inside of carved pumpkin vases make beautiful autumn wedding centerpieces. To make your pumpkins into pretty vases simply hollow out the center as you would to carve a pumpkin. Then either add a smaller vase or jar, mason jars actually work quite well for this type of decor, or add floral oasis foam and then fill with fresh autumnal flowers. If you choose to carve your pumpkin and add a smaller vase or jar, be sure to coat the interior carved surfaces of your pumpkin with Vaseline to hasten the decay process.

Pumpkin Wedding Signage

Pumpkin Wedding Signage

We love to see pumpkins and gourds as the canvas for wedding signage. Keep your message sweet and short, though. They are perfect for using as a welcome or directional sign. You could also feature them for small menu items and table numbers.

Pumpkin Escort Cards

Pumpkin Escort Cards and Favors

Mini pumpkins and gourds are also the perfect size for use as escort cards, display items on your escort card table or even as fall favors in the form of little jars of pumpkin butter. We love to use mini white or orange pumpkins. If those colors do not flow with your chosen palette, paint them gold or another accent color to match your scheme.

Pumpkin Aisle Decor

Top Tips on Using Pumpkins for your Wedding

  • Skip the jack-o-lantern style carvings and black accents to avoid a haunted house/Halloween feel. However, if you are carving, make sure you do it no sooner than a day or two before. Any earlier and your pumpkin can start to droop, smell, or go moldy! We always recommend coating any carved surfaces with Vaseline to hasten the decay process.

  • Leave yourself plenty of time in the days leading up to the wedding to carve or do DIY projects on them.

  • From tiny pumpkins that fit into your hand, to huge squash versions or the festive gourds, pumpkins come in a variety of sizes and colors. Be sure to look for white, yellow, and pale green shades as well as the classic orange for a more stylish, modern aesthetic.

  • Pair your pumpkins with other autumnal fruits for a more autumnal feel. They look great with squash, gourds, persimmons, apples and pears. Also pair them with florals like physalis, poppies, roses, foliage, grasses and berries. Luxe all white blooms, or vivid pinks and oranges pair beautifully.

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