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Swing BatterBatter Swing!

When it comes to a wedding cakes, some couples seek something over the top, a definite conversation piece, something to really WOW their guests. What better way to do that than with a beautifully crafted cake...that hangs as if weightless! This is sure to elicit awestruck gasps from everyone around.

Hanging cakes are all the rage right now and are the perfect way to amaze during the busy wedding season. These incredible cakes are a wonderful way for party guests to really remember your wedding.

Gorgeously elegant swinging wedding cakes provide a fun and playful feel perched upon a swing bursting with flowers. We absolutely love how this creates an unmissable central focal piece with a quirky display, sleek and elegant design and romantic florals.

Setting an otherwise heavy wedding cake on a swing is a great way to instigate an informal playful touch to your wedding reception!

If you're apprehensive at the thought of going all out with an elaborate seven-tier chandelier creation, we suggest the easiest way to have a "hanging" cake. Simply set the culinary confection onto an old fashioned tree swing. Feature it with tangled roses, blossoms or lights turning your reception into a gorgeously rustic garden party with the cake and swing as your centerpiece!

Hanging wedding cakes truly are a show-stopping trend that we are sure to see re-created and re-styled in a myriad of decadent ways, from cakes dripping with sugar chandelier droplets to hanging gardens adorned with bouquets of sugar roses.

If swing cakes are not for you, but you still want to impress your guests, here are some other creative culinary creations for you to consider.

This cameo dangling wedding cake combines a pale peach color palette with the more traditional cake decor that creates a perfectly romantic, yet styled hanging cake. Don’t you just adore the lovely ruffled roses, pearl accents and Georgian feel to this cake? We certainly do!

This sweet pink rose suspended wedding cake features each tier hanging from an elegantly tall cake stand. The combination of different laces with cameos lends a beautiful vintage heirloom feel to this dangling dessert!

This dazzling chandelier wedding cake really thrill your guests! We just love the scrolls and fondant droplets that adorn the sides of this stunningly suspended chandelier cake! The arches of small flowers that trim the bottom of the second layer are somewhat reminiscent of elegant De Beers diamond necklaces with their dripping florals.

This upside-down chandelier cake, created exclusively for actress Kaley Cuoco's wedding is quite possibly the pièce de résistance of all hanging wedding cakes. The Butter End created this one-of-a-kind, show-stopping chandelier cake. Exactly how they suspended six large tiers of cake from the bottom of a crystal chandelier appears to be an impressive feat of engineering. We love that the cake itself mimics the crystal droplets with Marilyn Monroe-esque jewels dripped from each tier. And we all know you are wondering how they could possibly cut a cake of this design. Butter End assures us that they had three cake engineer experts on hand to assist the happy couple!

* Before you choose to dive into selecting such a structurally demanding cake, consider first how you would like your cake to be suspended; from a ceiling fixture such as an actual chandelier, a rose entwined swing, gilded chain; or from a strong wrought iron stand specially made for the purpose. Contact us today to be put in touch with cake artists who specialize in such creations.

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