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Taking the Perfect Ring Selfie

Are you newly engaged?


Second, we have some quick tips for posting the perfect ring selfie to show off that new bling!

If you just got engaged, chances are you'll be sharing your exciting news on Facebook and Instagram with a gorgeous ring selfie. While you may not be into mirror selfies, duck-face selfies or post-workout selfies, the engagement ring selfie is something sacred. If you are determined to get the perfect photo just following these few simple rules of thumb...or ring finger, as the case may be.

1. Always get your nails done first.

Everyone wants to see that gorgeous ring of yours, but no one really wants to see your hangnail. Now, of course, if your fiancé surprised you with a proposal and you're due for a manicure, but you just can't wait to snap a photo, we suggest that you simply apply a little lotion and then get creative with your pose. For example, if you hold your fiancé's hand and frame the shot with your your nails not in the picture you're all set!

2. Find a fabulous background.

Don't be afraid to unleash your inner stylist for the photo. Find a something Instagram-worthy like a skyline at sunset or patterned pillow to serve as the backdrop for your ring selfie.

3. Perfect lighting, because lighting is everything.

If you're not outdoors in natural light, its best to set up your shot near a window. If you take a photo with your iPhone in a dimly lit room, you're pretty much guaranteed a blurry photo. Yellow incandescent light bulbs and fluorescents aren't much better. Trust us. What you want is you natural sunlight. Whether you're inside or out, be sure to keep an eye out out for tricky shadows.

4. Go the distance.

Cell phone photos will never be professional photos, but there are a few tricks to make your shots look almost as crisp. Always avoid using the zoom on your camera. By physically moving your phone you will have less pixelated images. If you're using an iPhone, set up your shot and then just tap the screen to focus the lens. The best way to avoid shaky shots is by pushing the buttons on your earbuds to remotely snap a photo instead of tapping your screen.

5. Get to know your ring.

Experiment with the angle of your photos so you can capture the most amazing qualities of your ring. If you love the unique setting take a photo on an angle to highlight it. If your obsessing over the shape of your stone? Try an overhead shot...but always remember to skip the flash.

6. Strike a pose.

Be sure to say good-bye to creepy hands. Relax your fingers and add a prop or rest your hands on your fiancé's arm. Avoid photos that highlight every pore and strand of hair on your hands by slightly tilting your camera, or your hand, instead of shooting your bling straight on.

7. Always fix it before you post.

We always recommend using an editing app like VSCO Cam, Photoshop Express, or Afterlight. These apps will make it easy to experiment with cropping, saturation, contrast, and sharpness to get the very best from your digital image.

8. If all else fails, just use your favorite filter.

Instagram's go-to filters make it easy for just about anyone to take a gorgeous share-worthy photo. Apply that perfect Valencia filter to your ring selfie and you're done!

9. Always take lots of photos, but only upload one.

You want your ring to stand out and look absolutely awesome. Just skip the collages and multiple posts and pick that one great shot to feature.

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