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The 'Appy' Couple

Professional photographers are great for your timeless wedding photos, but what about capturing the big day from your guests' perspective? It is time to toss those dated disposable cameras and check out the hottest apps available to turn your reception into a fun and memorable photo shoot for you and your wedding guests!

1. Wedding Snap

Since this app's launch last year, over a million photos and videos have been shared in over 15 countries worldwide. Wedding Snap instantly compiles the photos your guests snap into an online album that can be viewed anywhere in the world in real time. Event photos can be downloaded into multiple albums as well. Each one will have its own a unique album code for up to a year after the wedding. The best part is that it is FREE to download and use!

If you are having a destination wedding in a more remote location with poor service not to worry! The Wedding Snap app will automatically store all the photos and videos and then instantly uploads them after the user returns to an area with better cell phone reception.

Wedding Snap is the ultimate photo sharing app. We love how Wedding Snap's high resolution photos are 10 times clearer than any Facebook upload. After taking a photo, guests can choose to apply several fun filters to give their photo a whole new look. The “appy" couple even has the ability to make the albums private or even invisible to others if they should wish. A live slideshow is also available for up to six hours during a couple’s reception!

2. Wed Pics

This swoon-worthy app will capture your heart from the moment you view the adorable home screen. The “appy" couple can create a personalized dashboard with a wedding bio and personalized cover photo where your guests can not only upload photos but can "love" and comment on the pictures as well! This fantastic FREE app offers lifetime hosting of all content, with an unlimited amount of photos.

Truth be told, Wed Pics is much more than a photo sharing app; it's more like a social network exclusively dedicated to your special day. We love the interactive dashboard. It has filters to personalize the look of each photo, and the app's instant push notifications take all of our favorite features from Facebook and Instagram and roll them into one super-app.

3. Wed Social

Get to the heart of the social side of a wedding with this app. We love that it was invented by a real couple who wanted to create a completely customizable and interactive experience for “appy" couples everywhere.

With this FREE app, guests will never get lost on your way to a wedding again. When you set up your page, you are asked to enter all of the event information and, with a tap of an app, you can get turn-by-turn directions to the venue through Wed Social's partnership with Google Maps.

There is so much more to this app than photo sharing; it truly is a digital storyteller. The feature we are most excited about include bios of the couple, where they met, how the proposal happened, engagement photos, and pictures from any fun pre-wedding events. There is even a whole section to introduce your bridal party.

4. Wedding Party

Capture the funny candid moments at your reception that a professional might miss with this FREE app. It’s fun and easy to use. You can even download and print photos for free. We recommend that you print out their customized information cards to put on your guests’ tables so they can immediately join in on the fun! The guestbook feature allows your attendees to share both photos and silly stories from the event.

The downsides to this app are the there is a quick setup, it also lacks some of the fun features of other apps, like filters, slideshows and multiple albums. It enables your guests to view and share photos immediately. It's an efficient tool for the “appy" couple, they can sync it to their My Wedding website.

5. Guest Shots

If you are looking for a simple, no-frills way to round up your guests photos, then this is the app for you. Guests simply enter the “appy couple’s” name and passcode and effortlessly upload every picture-perfect moment.

We prefer to use this app by logging in with Facebook because it gives you the opportunity to edit photos on your computer and copy as many photos you want to your own Facebook album. The basic version of this app is FREE, which is great for your guests, but as the “appy" couple you may want to download the $19.95 option for all the premium features available. The app itself is very basic, but if you are willing to pay the additional fee, Guest Shots' premium features can be really cool! You can even upload photos taken by your professional photographer and combine them with your guests' candid shots to create a photo album or video. When compared to other companies who offer bound albums and full length wedding DVDs, their prices are much more affordable. With Guest Shots albums, you get more pages filled with memories for a lot less money.

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