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The White vs. Ivory Debate: What is best for your skin tone?

When going to a bridal salon dreaming of finding your perfect fairytale wedding dress you usually envision the traditional choice which is a white wedding dress. However, modern bridal salons offer more options now than ever. Currently, a soft ivory gown is the most popular choice for brides looking for an alternative to a white wedding dress. This keeps you from deviating too much from the traditional option. That said, white versus ivory, Does it really matter? Yes, it does!

The differences between ivory, cream or white are highly significant when it comes to the subject of wedding gowns and flowers. Ivory should not be viewed as another shade of white like eggshell, diamond white, off-white, cream or ecru. In terms of color, white is stark white, pristine and mixes no shades of any other color. It is pure like milk. Keep in mind that when determining whether to go for ivory or white for your wedding dress, your skin tone is one of the important factors to consider.


Why We Love It: A true white dress conveys a sense of innocence and freshness. It conveys a youthful quality and feel. White gowns are very specific. They are perfect for a winter wonderland wedding or a summer beachside destination wedding.

Will You Look Good In It: Pure white is best for brides with natural golden or darker skin tones. If you’re fair or have yellow undertones in your skin, the bright color of true white can wash you out, especially in photographs, and no one wants that!


Why We Love It: Ivory has a much more formal feel than white. It a richer, creamier shade exuding a more luxurious and sumptuous feel.

Will You Look Good In It: Another reason to love ivory is that this decadent hue flatters everyone. Ivory is a easier to wear for most skin tones. It offers a richness and warmth that white simply cannot.

Choosing a wedding dress that complements your natural skin tone is the secret to looking your best on your wedding day. When deciding whether to go for an ivory or a white wedding dress, your skin tone should be the number one priority and consideration.

Clear white is the purest and brightest form of white. It is an excellent color for dark-skinned women or women who are light-skinned with olive or ivory skin. The pure white is complimented by yellow undertones. However, women with these skin tones should avoid wearing dresses with yellow undertones such as ivory since earth toned colors will make your skin tone appear dull and drab. Ivory is a delicate color with hints of warm undertones and is somewhat similar to cream in its quality. If you have fair skin, the best colors for you are shades that have ivory or yellow undertones. Avoid opting for the cooler tones found in that pure white gown. Ivory has a slight tint of creaminess. The warm yellow undertones compliment most skin types. Cream tends toward the warm, off-white tends towards the cool. Cream tends to be palely yellow with some sand tones. Off-white tends to use grays and browns as tones.

Most women love wearing the unsullied color called white for their wedding gown. However, a more and more brides are opting for ivory shades in their wedding gowns. As per old wives tale, white is the color for virgin brides but it holds little relevance in today’s world. Whether you want white or ivory, this is a personal choice. The ultimate decision should rest on your skin tone. Some brides may find that white can be too austere where as ivory, having a touch of cream, can actually be flattering to pale complexions.

The better choice for lighter skin tones is an ivory or antique white. Women with medium to dark-toned skin can often pull off a diamond white beautifully. Bright whites on darker skin tones are stunning!

With regards to flowers, they are available in so many shades. If you prefer white, cream, ivory or just want to be bold and add a pop of color, just be sure it is something that not only complements your gown, but that it is something you love. Some flowers work well with all ivories, whites, and creams such as calla lilies and hydrangeas. There are also beautiful flowers that are available in stark white like roses, gladiolus, carnations, gardenias, paper whites, stephanotis, and stock. Your florist can help determine what type and which shade of flower works best.

That said, the color white has always been associated with purity and innocence. This is why it is the reason it has become the most common color selected by brides. However, did you know that it was actually Queen Victoria who started the trend of wearing a white dress to the wedding when she did so on her own wedding day. Since that moment, women started to spend a lot of money on buying a white wedding dress, despite wearing it only once in their lives.

The white versus ivory wedding dress skin tone matching problem is not the only consideration to keep in mind since there are many colors which you can choose from to suit your own personality and style. If white and ivory are not what you like, you’re in luck! Top fashion designers have focused on adding more unique colors and fabrics to their wedding dress collections. These wedding gown colors are not limited to other shades of white like cream or ivory.

Some of the more modern wedding dresses come in rose, blush, lavender and champagne. These options allow the bride to shine in a color that best reflects her personality and style. Rum pink is a newer popular choice for women. It has pink undertones but when photographed it can look like a clear white dress. Another popular alternative is champagne. It is a delicate color with a warm undertone that is similar to a deep ivory. We recommend that you try out these colors and see how you look and feel when you are wearing it. You never know. You might love it!

Aside from the white versus ivory question, it is equally as important to look into the type of fabric when shopping for your wedding dress because fabric can also have an impact on the color of the wedding dress.

Synthetic fabrics like taffetas, polyester blends and satins are the best options if you want to achieve a pure white color on your dress. This is also the best choice of color and fabric for women with dark skin tones. However, if you prefer to wear a dress with a natural white finish, such as those which have a diamond white effect, only select dresses made out of natural fibers. Opting for a dress made of natural fibers will help you achieve that slightly off-white effect.

For ivory, select a silk or satin fabric. Due to the reflective properties of the fabric, an ivory finish to the dress can be achieved much more effectively. We also suggest dresses made from silk crepe if you prefer an ivory wedding dress with a matte finish to it.

Always remember, no matter how great the style or design is, if the dress color and fabric do not suit your skin tone, then it will never look good on you.

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