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Thinking Outside the Traditional Bouquet and Boutonniere Box

Weddings aren’t what they used to be, in case you haven’t noticed. They are no longer the stuffy, traditional, cookie cutter events of the days of old. In an effort to create an event that’s unique in every way, many of our couples are veering away from the more traditional elements of the day in favor of one-of-a-kind surprises that truly reflect their personalities. If you are looking to add some flair and pizazz to your wedding, consider opting for a more modern take on the bridesmaids’ bouquets and boutonnieres.

Ring Corsage

Ring Corsage

To start off small, floral rings are a lovely touch. A dainty, ladylike flower ring will add a touch of whimsy to the bridesmaids’ look and is a great keepsake after the wedding.

Wrist Corsage

Boho Corsage

If your wedding has a vintage or retro theme, a wrist corsage is perfect. You can have that vintage flair adding to your day’s overall vibe, but they can be easily modernized with trendy materials.

For something a little more in line with out of the box thinking, simple arm corsage that incorporates vines and dainty flowers is ideal for a bohemian-themed wedding and can take the place of jewelry for your bridesmaids.

Boho Corsage - Shoulder Corsage

Corsages aren't just for wrists and arms any more. Shoulder corsages can add a burst of color and texture to an otherwise simple dress.

Floral Necklace

If the shoulder is not to your liking, consider a floral corsage that doubles as a statement necklace. Not only does this serve as a dramatic piece of jewelry for your special day, but it also serves as a lovely alternative to hair flowers.

Floral Anklet Corsage
Floral Anklet Corsage

And how about drawing some of the attention downwards towards the shoes? An unexpected floral anklet can emphasize a pair of great shoes. These can be worn with tights during the winter as well as with bare legs in the warmer months. Just remember, this look is best with dresses that are mid-calf length or shorter.

Floral Clutch Bouquet

Choosing to adorn a clutch or other small purse with overflowing fresh or silk flowers is not only an unexpected substitute for the bridesmaids’ bouquets, it can also be a fun DIY project for you and your bridesmaids to do together.

Floral Lantern Bouquet

Having your bridesmaids carry lanterns down the aisle will add a warm, lovely glow to the entire ceremony. If you prefer to have a daytime ceremony, drape their lanterns with ivy or fill them with moss and flowers for a lovely alternative.

Wreath Garland

If you still would like to have flowers or greenery but you don't want anything too over done or overly feminine, consider having your bridal party carry or wear wreaths. These don't just have to be for weddings during the holiday season, either!

Pinecone Bouquet

Pinecone Bouquet

If you are having a fall or winter wedding, keep in mind that pinecones are actually flowers. Its true! So, why not use them as what they are? Fabulous seasonal flowers!

Paper Flowers

If you like flowers, but want your best guys and gals to also have a keepsake of your day, consider having paper flowers made up in your wedding colors, patterns, textures and theme. They photograph beautifully and become a treasured memory.

Paper Pinwheel

Paper Fan

Feather Fan

Flowers not your thing? Why not forget about them altogether? We have many other alternatives to the traditional bridesmaid bouquet and groomsman boutonniere for you to consider.

Balloons!! It IS a party after all...

Wedding Balloo
Balloon Boutonierre
Bottle Cap Boutonierre

Did you meet at a brewery or a beer festival? Why not incorporate that first meeting that brought you to this point in your lives together.

Bottle Cap Bouquet

Or, if you are just big fans of carbonated drinks, we have the bouquet for you!

Candy Bouquet
Candy Boutonierre

If you and your sweetheart share sweet tooth you can reflect that in your walk down the aisle as well.

Seashell Bouquet

Seashell Boutonierre

Getting married by the seaside or on a cruise? Seashells make lovely keepsake bouquet and boutonnieres.

Feather Fan

Feeling whimsical? Light and airy feathers make a lovely accent for any wedding day.

Paper Pinwhe

If you love the idea of whimsy, but feathers aren't your thing, what about the innocence and playfulness of pinwheels?

Butterfly Bouquet

Nature lovers? Enjoy spending time together in the great outdoors? Rather than having a butterfly release at the end of your ceremony why not make them part of your entire day?

Wedding Umbrellas

If you are the kind of couple that puts form and function first and foremost, a reusable gift that can also double and a wedding day prop is always a fun addition to the day. To ward off the blazing southern sun, fans and parasols always make an elegant alternative.

Button Bouquet
Button Bouqu

If you think your future bride is as cute as a button or you just love your future groom's button nose, we have the bouquets and boutonnieres for you!

Brooch Bouquet

You have your something new, you have your something blue, how about something old and sparkly? Ok, we know that sparkle isn't part of the old adage, but we think it should be!

Superhero Boutonierre

If you are still looking for that something old or even just something vintage to keep with the whole feel of your event and style, why not consider some of these alternatives? (And yes, superhero DO count. After all Superman made his debut on the cover of Action Comics in 1938.

Lantern Bridesmaids
Vintage Wedding

Don't be afraid to get creative. Express your passions and your interests. After all this is YOUR day. There is no need to stick to traditions if they just aren't for you.

If you are considering an out of the box idea for your bouquets and boutonnieres let us know. We would really love to hear some of your creative ideas!

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