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This Cake Trend Totally ROCKS!

There is a sweet new trend that is rocking the wedding world!

It's the year of the geode. We are already seeing lots of trendy ways to use geodes within your wedding and the cake is certainly no exception.

This gorgeous amethyst geode cake includes rich textures, deep colors and lots of light letting the natural beauty and shape of geodes lead the design. It pleases the eye, warms your heart and soothes the soul.

These edible geodes are made from a combination of granulated sugar and rock candy is then crafted with multicolored modeling chocolate and designed within a fondant covered cake. Additional details were then added with hand painting and gold leaf techniques.

These cakes can take up to 16 hands on hours to create with several more hours of planning involved prior to cake's actual creation. These show stopping cake will truly be an stunning focal point creating an awe-inspiring visual experience for your guests.

The rock veining and gold leaf on this cake is truly eye catching.

Adding the agate slice cake toppers is also a unique way to incorporate not only the colors of your event, but also theme of your wedding.

Here is a fun ombre option! Who knew that rock candy could look so elegant? Doesn't it make you want to dip those stretchy candy necklaces you used to get as a kid into gold leaf and drape them over champagne flutes for that extra touch of edible glamor?!

This more natural looking geode cake certainly has a "Fortress of Solitude" vibe about it. Perfect for the Superman in your life! The inner geodes as well as the opulent geode toppers are all delicious and edible.

This stunningly opulent geode cake features hand painted gold and silver leaf in addition to the colorful and exquisite geode inset. Truly an extraordinary cake!

So, who wants a slice?

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