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Throwing a Virtual Bachelorette Party

Basically you're planning a video meeting where everyone is nice to you and gets you drunk.

Trust us, you will sign off at the end of the night saying, "wait, did I actually just have fun on a video chat?"

Start off with having the Maid of Honor and/or bridesmaids put together a small budget for the party and use that towards creating a shareable event. Send attendees small boxes of festive items to be worn, displayed, or used as props, but don't forget to also ask guest to select a virtual background ...we suggest a photo of them with the bride so you can all feel like you're really together.

1. Theme

Send the bride and all her virtual guests streamers, signs, photo props, wigs, confetti...anything simple that can be displayed and seen from other's screens. Tangible items, even just a small selection, will really make them feel included.

2. Fashionistas

Just because you're not physically going anywhere, doesn't mean that you shouldn't use this as a chance to blow up your Insta like you would any other bachelorette party.The best way to get into the spirit of the party is to dress like you are physically going to the party. Don't have anything theme appropriate in your closet? Rent The Runway is still getting orders to customers in a timely manner.

3. Favors

Whether you opt for personalized champagne flutes, cocktail boxes, cute koozies and penis straws, favors are the perfect way to thank all the (virtual) guests for attending. Not to mention they will make the party feel all the more special and a bit more like an in-person event. In addition to the favors, we suggest you also use a small portion of the budget for a gift for the bride. We love these robes......make her feel special and loved despite the circumstances

4. Cocktails

While the theme, the fashion, and the bride tribe are important, lets' be real for a minute. The cocktails are the most important component of any bachelorette party. Be sure to share some fun recipes in advance. The best part of a video-chat bachelorette party is that with everyone in their own homes, drinking games are even easier and more fun! For the bride, be sure to deliver some drinks to her in advance of the party then enjoy! No worries about being hungover the next day as you're all already home. Just be sure to drink responsibly and appropriately.

5. Games

Although the are often mocked, games are not only great for breaking the ice, but they are also a great way to get guests drinking, laughing and making the bride feel special. Download some of your favorites and be sure to send them along with the favors or use some of our favorites, listed below, that work just as well in person as they do on video chat.

6. Social

Just because you're not partying it up at the beach or strolling the strip in Vegas, your bachelorette party isn't any less important. Use that hashtag the same way you would with any other bachelorette party to make all your social media bystanders feel included (but still totally jelly of the fun y'all are having). Have your quarantine partner take some amazing photos of you in your outfit to post along with some fabulous screen shots of your virtual group. Ya'll can even make a "toasting the bride" TikTok video!

With so few events to look forward to these days, you have totally earned this one! With a little bit of imagination and a whole lot of vodka, your virtual bachelorette party will truly be a night you'll never remember!!


Drink Every Time You Say:

Whether it's "bride," "wedding," "COVID" or "coronavirus," this simple game is a must! Granted, once you're drunk you'll all forget that you were playing.

Name The Ex:

Prior to the party have the bride write down the most scandalous things she has done with each of her exes (along with their names, of course). Try to be sure there is at least one for each guest. At the party, have her read an act to each guest and have them guess which ex they think was involved. If the guest guesses correctly, the bride drinks. If they get it wrong the guest drinks.

Guess The Panties:

Have each guest order a pair of panties for the bride, but be sure they select the "gift" option so that their names aren't on the packaging. At the party the bride will pull out each pair and try to guess who they are from. If she gets it right the buyer takes a drink. If she gets it wrong then the bride takes a drink...she's got to keep guessing until she gets it right.

Ask the Groom:

Have the maid of honor email the groom a list of questions to secretly answer. At the party, have the bride guess his answers to the questions. If she gets them right she selects someone to drink for her. If she gets it wrong then she has to take a drink.

Porn or Polish:

Have the maid of honor download the questions and the answers and ask the group one at a time. Each guest has to type whether she thinks the option is the name of a porn film or the name of a nail polish. Once all answers are submitted, the maid of honor will give out the answers and for each one guests get incorrect they have to take a drink.

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