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18 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day gifts always seem to give people a lot of trouble. What’s really out there that isn’t totally cliche or just plain silly? Is it possible to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that tough to shop for guy in your life?

Giving gifts on Valentine’s Day isn’t just about exchanging with one other another. Besides the standard Valentine’s Day gifts, don't forget that this is also great holiday to give a gift to that newly engaged pair you know, too!

We’ve rounded up 18 of the best Valentine’s Day gifts in this blog, and there truly is something for everyone. So, stop searching for the non-cheesy, really unique Valentine’s Day gift…and find what you’ve been looking for right now!

JUST MET You two just met recently or just decided to take your friendship to the next level. If you are in the first chapter of your love story, make Valentine’s Day fun rather than trying too hard to be romantic. Be the bearer of good brews with this deluxe Brew Bearer kit. Fill it with his favorite suds and you're guaranteed to get the best girlfriend award! Looking for something a bit more versatile? Gift your guy our favorite Combat Cooler. He'll be the the talk of the tailgate! Not a drinker? There is nothing better that a truly high quality pocket knife. Whether he's a gardener, likes camping or he's a hunter, he's sure to find use with the Mac Knife, personalized pocket knife. Its the perfect blade for the perfect man!


The two of you are officially an item and this may not be your first Valentine’s Day together. While he is definitely your sweetheart, make sure he knows you still think he's smokin' with these stunning cigar sets and accessories. The Jet Set Cigar Case is no ordinary cigar case, it accents the culture of cigars while functioning as a travel humidor. Any guy would be proud to house his prized cubans in this case with a built in humidor, keeping his stash safe and accessible in a handsome black leather case. This guarantees to be a winning gift for your favorite cigar loving guy. Pair that with the Ash With Class kit. For only the classiest smoker, this set fits perfectly with any cigar collection. Accessorized with an ash tray, cigar cutter, puncher and holder it can handle all of your cigar lover's needs. And of course, no set would be complete without a triple Torch Lighter to make his cigar sizzle!


You two feel really comfortable with each other, which means you can be romantic while also having a good laugh. Why not whisk your man away for a romantic getaway? You don't want him to be late for the flight, so gifting him a elegant watch made with ebony wood is the perfect accessory! Pairing it with the practical vegan Transport Duffle, a weekend bag that looks unbelievable and is high quality...its a gift that is truly out of this world! Put this bag in the hand of your guy, and he will carry proudly and confidently. And if you want to spoil your guy and give him a little something extra, then the Travel Marvel is going to resonate. Quality matters to men, especially when it comes to leather goods. The look, feel, and construction are all top notch...only the best for your guy!


He's the father of your children and he's an amazing husband, but why not take your man on a walk down memory lane...let him relive his younger days when he was a James Bond gentleman's gentleman. Let him lead a double life as dad to the kiddos and your dream guy by keeping things shaken up but not stirred up with this elegant Live and Look Fly gift set. This dynamic duo of personalized cuffs up his threads game while the money clip accentuates his straightforward uncomplicated style. To accessorize his style, that Cuff Guy in your life is sure love this secret love note from his lady. Express how much you love him without being cheesy. Keep him looking rugged while the message underneath reminds him that he's always on your mind. And don't forget to celebrate his joyful spirit by gifting him the perfect accessory for his spirits. The Barrel Bar is the perfect way for him to display his coveted whiskey collection. Help him take the home bar from average to first-class with this handcrafted wall shelf unit. Made from the top quarter of a spent barrel he can be proud of showing off his prized bourbon collection to all your friends and family.


Looking for the perfect way to say Happy Valentine's Day to your favorite newlyweds or newly engaged couple? Be sure to get them something that they can not only enjoy together but find useful as well! Some of our favorite selections are the Grill Master Set. Made of high quality stainless steel and bamboo, your loving couple will be stabbing, flipping and skewering fine cuts like a magician when they open up this fantastic case of BBQ tools. Now, of course if the happy couple spends their Saturdays cheering for their favorite team, a set of Pop & Sit Tailgate Coolers are the perfect gift! Offering convenience, versatility and just flat out functionality, this personalized cooler is a fantastic gift with plenty of room for drinks and snacks while doubling as a handy portable stool. If they enjoy entertaining, a set of Coded Coasters are the perfect way to get them started on that bar dream. This pack of four coasters is elegantly packaged in a beautiful wooden box for an extra touch elegant touch. Just be sure to monogram them all so they can really impress the neighbors!

To dress up their home with an elegant show piece, we highly recommend this beautiful Biplane Decanter. Perfect for the aviation enthusiasts or jet setters in your life, this beautifully handcrafted decanter includes a replica of a WWI Sopwith Camel bi-plane. This whiskey decanter makes a great gift that will be enjoyed for years to come. And of course, you can't serve whiskey without these perfectly matched Globe Whiskey Glasses. They offer a dramatic presentation as it appears the glasses might spill at any moment, however, they are far more balanced than you think. Whiskey Stones are the perfect addition to any whiskey lover's arsenal. They keep the whiskey cold without diluting it and when they are personalized they make a rather unique gift. Ice-cold drinks without dilution!

Looking for even more great gift ideas? Be sure to check out the wide selection offered at Groovy Guy Gifts today, but don't forget to use the discount code WEDDINGSBYRAINA10 for an added bonus!

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