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Vintage Auto Props

Incorporating a vintage vehicle into your wedding photos can help create some very special images. There’s a range of different ways to incorporate classic cars into your special day with Vintage Auto Props.


Use the vintage car as a backdrop for the photos you take prior to the start of the ceremony. You can shoot the groomsmen in and around the car before they get ready as well as after. Capture the bride and bridesmaids in the back seat on their way to the ceremony. A profile of the bride through the car window can help create a beautiful vintage style image as well.


Photographs of the happy couple with the vintage vehicle of their choice after the wedding ceremony as well as as they leave for the reception can be done in a myriad of ways. Capture images in front of the church or ceremony location and photos of them waving from the back as they are driven down the road to their reception. If there is time between the ceremony and reception, for example, while guests enjoy cocktail hour, you can have the chauffeurs with Vintage Auto Props take you to a special location or meaningful outdoor location for some beautiful bridal portraits.


Incorporate a classic car into your reception photos is always fun and makes for some delightfully special photos. Capture the bridal party and even some of your special guests such as Mom and Dad with the of your choice. Vintage Auto Props even offers "selfie stations" with their vehicles offering an array of fun photo booth props for you and your guests to smile for a special selfie in front of and inside their fabulous rides.


Your getaway at the end of the evening is a prime opportunity for wedding photos that incorporate the fantastic options from the Vintage Auto Props fleet of vehicles. From capturing the two of you running through a cascade of sparklers to the car, to the two of you being driven away, your photographer can get a lot of great shots with the classic car of your choice. If it’s one of their stunning convertibles, consider throwing your bouquet from the car as the two of you are driven away for even more spectacular wedding photos with the vintage car!

Depending on the vehicle you select, you may want to add some of the fun add ons that Vintage Auto Props offers like their adorable "Just Married" sign or the ever popular tin cans tied to the bumper for a truly vintage look and feel!

For some couples the vehicle is just a part of the ceremony, for others the vintage car is integral to who they are and is a definitive part of their special day. Either way, including an old truck, classic car, or vintage convertible from Vintage Auto Props will definitely ensure that you drive off into the sunset in style...

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