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Wedding Planner or Venue Coordinator...what you need to know!

Wedding Planner



What they do fabulously is manage the venue, keep the kitchen operating at full capacity, and prevent any rule breaking. And, if you’re lucky, they might also help with overall setup and decor.

What they generally don’t do is answer all the miscellaneous questions that pop up throughout the day.

What time will the makeup artist arrive? When and where will the flowers be delivered? Who will arrange the table settings? Who will hit “play” on the iPod for our processional? What about the recessional? Where should the families go for formal pictures? And what time should they arrive? What time should the DJ announce dinner after the cocktail party? Who’s going to release tables for dinner? Who should sit where? When and where will the other wedding vendors eat? Who’s going to cut the cake after the bride and groom take the first slice? When should the DJ open the dance floor? Who will gather our guests for our sparkler send off? Who will make sure all our vendors are paid their balances at the end of the night?

Your wedding planner works for you, not for the venue. Their obligation is to you and no one else. They are on your team and not the venue’s team. And while they will respect the rules and regulations your venue has put in place (because they will review your contract with the venue beforehand, as that is part of their job in taking care of you), they will also do whatever they possibly can to execute your day, according to how you dreamed.

We offer Full Planning, Month-Of Planning, and even just Day-Of Planning packages.

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