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Wedding Registries and Gifting

When you receive a “Save the Date” or wedding invitation, one of the first things people tend to do is look up the couple’s registry online. From wedding websites to engagement blogs, Instagram feeds and Amazon wish lists, its now easier than ever for soon-to-be spouses to share details of their nuptials with friends, family and followers. Whether you are recently engaged and looking for registry ideas, or a wedding guests who is searching for the right gift to give, here are some ideas that are bound to be remembered, used and cherished for years to come.

What to Register For Before Your Wedding:

1. Flatware

Many couples dedicate the majority of their registry to kitchen items, and with good reason! Whether you are a take-out aficionados, a cookbook masters, or you are more than happy to heat up leftovers, you are still eating three meals a day. And while you may lust after a Vitamix, smoothie bowls are not appetizing when its snowing. Also, let's be honest, if you are anything like me, its more than likely you may lose or break a part of it within your first year of marriage. For the sake of timelessness, durability, functionality and frequency of use, flatware is the best kitchen item you can register for. Flatware can be found in a variety of shapes, styles, materials, colors, finishes and functions. You will have these pieces until your children are getting ready for college. We recommend going a little extra and registering for 12 place settings' worth. It is far easier to get a few extra now than to track down that one missing piece five years down the road.

2. Vacuum

Unless you are our favorite 'Friend,' Monica Geller, there is a good chance that you don't love house cleaning. However, once you're engaged, you will probably start entertaining in your home more often, hosting parties, celebrations, showers and even wedding planning sessions with the bridal party and your family members. During this time, you and your fiance will need a powerful vacuum cleaner more than ever. Putting one on your registry will actually incentivize you to clean more often (and more thoroughly), and will ensure that your home can stay clean for years to come.

3. Dutch Oven

With the durability of cast iron, the easy-cleaning properties of enamel, and the versatility of stove top and oven use, a dutch oven is one of the most reliable items you can have in your kitchen. By registering for a dutch oven, this will give your guests a fun item to pick out. There are so many colors, sizes, shapes and finishes to choose from! This will also give you a single item that can be used for practically everything, well, except ice cream, but don't worry, you can register for an ice cream maker too!

What to Give When There isn't A Traditional Wedding Registry:

1. Gift Cards for Home Furnishings

Upon their engagement, some couples move in together for the first time, and many others upgrade from an apartment to a house. In either case, they will need to furnish their new home. While furniture is difficult to ship and even harder to return if it doesn't fit the their new space, a gift card fits in an envelope and will allow the happy couple to pick out their dream furniture, home decor pieces and everything in between.

2. Honeyfund

Many couples these days finance their own weddings, and in this case, they often opt out of a gift registry in hopes that guests will give them checks or cash in lieu of a physical present. However, many of these couples also crowd source funds for their honeymoons. One of the best places to do this is Honeyfund. This allows couples to request guests help them pay for the trip of a lifetime, with your monetary gift going towards airfare, lodging, expeditions, tours, food and luxuries while they are traveling.

3. Meal Kit Subscription

Not every couple can cook like professional chefs, but to give your newly-wedded friends gourmet meals at their convenience, you can purchase a meal kit subscription service as a wedding gift. Not only does this gift option allow them to choose which meals they want to receive, it also teaches them new recipes and even portions out ingredients so they don’t have to. This article from Urban Tastebud may help you choose the best one for your loved ones.

Navigating wedding registries can be tricky from either side, whether you're the guest or the engaged couple. The trick is to keep things simple and don't try to overcomplicate it. Don't be that crazy aunt who sends the couple a tandem bike that they have no interest in or room for. We are huge supporters of always purchasing something from the registry. If you don't know where to register, we suggest picking three places with varying price points to ensure that there is something for everyone on your guest list.

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