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When should I begin looking for tuxes or suits for my upcoming wedding?

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"When should I begin looking for tuxes or suits for my upcoming wedding?"

We get this question a lot. Essentially, the process for selecting your groomsmen’s attire can begin as early as you are ready. With the excitement of wedding planning, it is very common for brides or grooms to start about 4 to 6 months in advance. However, if your wedding is being planned quickly, not to worry. Our favorite local rental companies like Street Tuxedo and DK Suits can definitely accommodate you, even if your wedding is next week!

"I have a lot of guys out of town. Where should I get my tuxedos from?" In cases like this we often recommend Generation Tux, an online rental company that our grooms really seem to love. Your guys that are not local can get measured at any formal wear provider in their area and then they can submit their measurements on their website. We do recommend that they try their suit on when it arrives to ensure a proper fit.

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"When should I have my groomsmen fitted?" Your men can get measured as early as they desire, however we suggest about 2 months in advance so that the sizes/styles can be reserved. This ensures that your guys do not gain or lose too much weight before the actual fitting the week of the wedding. If a member of your bridal party does fluctuate after measurements are taken, they can get resized 2-3 weeks before the wedding.

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"My ring bearers are still growing, when should they be measured?" You want them measured as close to the wedding as possible. Usually 2-3 weeks before the wedding is ideal so that the least amount of growth remains.

"Is there a second fitting involved?" You bet! The tuxedos are typically in store 2-3 days before the wedding, however, during peak seasons it could be 1-2 days before. Your guys will need to be available at that time to try on their tuxes before they take them from the store to ensure a proper fit. Last minute adjustments can be done in store while they wait.

"Do all my men have to pick up the tuxes in store?" Yes. Unless you opt to rent through Generation Tux; Street Tuxedo and DK Suits offer personal attention to ensure a proper fit for the wedding day. If someone is unable to pick up their own tuxedo, however, it can be picked up by a member of the bridal party once it has been paid in full. We then recommend very highly that it be tried on as soon as possible so that any last minute adjustments can be made if needed.

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"Do I have to make an appointment for fittings?"

Not necessarily, if it is a small group that needs fitted, walking in is fully acceptable. If they need to measure a whole party or a group of 4 or more plans on coming in to try on, a call ahead is always appreciated to ensure the best customer service available.

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"When should the tuxedos be returned?" Your tuxedos are be due back the following business day. Be sure to ask your consultant for return details and store hours.

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