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Where to Rent Your Tuxedo or Suit

These days there are many choices for where to rent your wedding suits or tuxedos. So how do you decide on the best option? Here are some important factors to consider between rental companies.

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Are the suits or tuxedos local? The last thing you want to find out the day before your wedding is that your tuxes are being shipped from a warehouse located out of state. This could leave you with no other options to to correct an ill-fitting suit or tuxedo. This is why we always recommend Street Tuxedo to our couples. Located throughout middle Tennessee, they have a large warehouse right in Nashville. Having a local inventory means that they will take care of last minute alterations, adjustments or getting a whole new suit or tuxedo for those tricky fits that aren’t just right. The team at Street Tuxedo truly cares about how you look. They are not satisfied until you are.

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Does the company keep their styles fresh and up to date?

Slim fits, flat front pants, softer fabrics....basically, if you see a three-button style with pleated trousers the company you're considering renting from are a few years behind. If you're looking for something truly unique, we also recommend DK Suits to our couples. They take fashion to the next level!

Does the company have a wedding focus? Weddings and formal events should be at the core of their business. This ensures that their team is familiar with trends, styles and color options that fit any wedding theme. Rather than going to a department store, this is what they do every day, not just on this side.

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Are there hidden charges? Do your research. Read the online reviews. Or ask your wedding planner. We've had clients rent from The Black Tux only to find that there were a whole host of hidden fees to make them think initially that they were getting a great deal. Basically, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you prefer to rent from an online company, we very highly recommend Generation Tux. We've personally met with the CEO and founder, Bogdan Constantin and truth be told, we were quite impressed with just how far they go to make online rentals a painless experience.

Are you getting what you pay for?

Street Tuxedo, Generation Tux and DK Suits have a price point for every budget. Whether you want something classic, no frills under a specific dollar amount or you want the latest trends and designer names and fabrics we are sure they can help you find just what you need.

Groom in grey suit

Are they flexible? Weddings today are unique. One tuxedo doesn’t fit everybody’s needs. Street Tuxedo, Generation Tux and DK Suits have an enormous inventory to meet those needs, including if you only want to rent a shirt and tie or a vest and pants...everything is priced ala carte so you’re never paying for what you don’t need.

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