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Wonderful Winter Wedding Shoes

We just adore winter weddings because of their gorgeous snow photo sessions, sparkling outfits, coniferous branches and pinecones and fantastic winter aromas that are second to none.

Just because you’re getting married in the winter doesn’t mean you can’t wear sandals, but we’re personally a fan of peep toe and closed toe winter wedding shoes that will not only keep your feet warmer on your big day, but will let you wear nylons if you live a state other than one snow birds visit!

Sparkling shoes are a great option for a winter bride because they highlight the season, the holidays and remind of the sparkling snowflakes outside. Plus, the more area a shoe has the more sparkles they can hold, which is why we’re loving these winter wedding shoes.

From glitter to feathers and everything in between, these winter wedding shoes would also be perfect for your holiday party, too! And who doesn’t love silver & gold sparkles on New Year’s Eve?!

And don't shy away from color at a winter wedding. Colorful shoes for a pop contrast are all the rage for winter brides! Red or green for a Christmas wedding; black for a more classical look; blue, purple, and burgundy ones make a statement. The embellishments are up to you – bows, rhinestones, ruffles, fur feathers or any other fun and festive accents.

Lace shoes or booties are a hot idea for every season, they are vintage, feminine and trendy, maybe for winter it’s better to choose lace-up shoes in case it’s cold outside.

Fur boots or uggs are a cool idea for daring brides, and they are ideal for an outdoor photo session. Colorful ones or white ones is your decision, it’s according to your wedding style and your dress, of course.

Flats are extremely comfy for any season also, they give you an opportunity to feel comfy during the big day, especially if you are not used to heels. Winter flats decorated with rhinestones are a fantastic variant, sparkling, exquisite and cozy to wear.

Let us know which ones you’re anxious to wear!

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