October 9, 2019

We want you to have the best day possible, so if you haven't hired an experienced wedding planner to handle all the details, here are our top 5 things not to forget when working on your timeline.

October 2, 2019

It can be tough to find a wedding planning team to fit your specific religious or cultural needs, however, if you are looking for a professional planner proficient in planning Jewish weddings you've come to the right place! We have over 20 years of experience plann...

September 11, 2019

We'd like to reintroduce ourselves since its been a while! Meet Raina, the owner and Mariah, the lead planner of Weddings & Events by Raina. Here are 20 things you may not know about us!

February 27, 2019

Incorporating a vintage vehicle into your wedding photos can create some very special images. There’s a range of different ways to incorporate classic cars into your special day with Vintage Auto Props.

February 13, 2019

Congratulations! You just got engaged! Here are our top tips to help you successfully navigate, and truly enjoy, this exciting new chapter in your life.

January 23, 2019

It's a nice day for an ombre wedding! Gone are the days of the all-white wedding gown. We're seeing more wedding dresses featuring a dip-dyed effect at the bottom in every color imaginable, and the trend is truly more beautiful than you can imagine. These optio...

January 16, 2019

Sometimes imperfect things can be even more beautiful than perfect ones. In the age where everything is disposable, we just love the art of kintsugi. It is all about putting back together the broken pieces and there is just something so poetic about that. Like how find...

January 9, 2019

They are bright,  garish, and can sometimes be a bit of an eyesore on your carefully crafted pastel wedding palette. However they are also fun and one of the longest-running wedding traditions in the world.

January 2, 2019

We just adore winter weddings because of their gorgeous snow photo sessions, sparkling outfits, coniferous branches, pinecones and fantastic winter aromas that are second to none. But there is nothing we love more than the shoes!