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Why You Need a Wedding Planner

We have all visited or joined those various wedding groups on Facebook.

We've all seen, at least once a day, when someone asks what the point of a wedding planner is. If you've asked this question to yourself or even posted it in one of these groups, you need to really ask yourself, do you want to be the bride or do you want to work on your wedding day? Because it’s work, trust us. It’s work just to get ready & put your dress on. The one day of your life you are pulling out all the beauty stops you don't want to be sweating and setting tables. Next time you set a table, time yourself and then multiply that by 20-30 all while having 1000 questions thrown at you in an environment you’ve only been in for at a maximum of 48 hours.

If even having a wedding planner is a question in your mind then you are over thinking it. Yes, you need a Wedding Planner!!!

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Allow your professional planner to go above the rest so you can just be a guest. Give your Mom and Aunt a break...let them enjoy your day along with you. We can handle the rest so you can say yes to less stress.

What do we do?


Vendor Management ✔️

Vendor Referrals✔️

Stress Management ✔️

Emails and Phone Calls ✔️

Problem Solving ✔️

Run Wedding Rehearsal ✔️

Coordinate a Stressless Day✔️

Actually we handle all of this as SO MUCH MORE!

Essentially, anything that comes up during the planning process or on your actual wedding day, we have it handled so you can relax and enjoy the entire process. Just read our reviews, our past clients will tell you.

You don’t need a fairy godmother, just a Weddings & Events by Raina wedding planner!

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