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7 Steps To A Fool Proof Photo Booth

One of the best things to make a party a success right off the bat is to give your guests something to do as soon as they walk in the door. From wedding receptions to birthday parties, a photo booth with props from Kits & Pieces is a surefire way to add fun and laughter to your event. This especially helps with those social anxiety giving them a chance to get warmed up. Whether you splurge and hire a professional photo booth or set up a kick-ass DIY photo booth, we’ll show you how to create a seriously fun photo booth that will encourage your guests to strike a pose while fitting in seamlessly with your design aesthetic.

1. Get Creative With Your Backdrop

This is the focal point of your photo booth. It needs to be eye catching but not too distracting. A curtain, banner or boxwood wall are all good places to start. Add a cute phrase or banner to give it a little pizzaz. Essentially, your guests just need a designated area that looks cute in photos, but that also something that fits with your overall design aesthetic when your guests aren't using it. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it shouldn't be complicated, either. You can buy pre-designed photo backdrops at Minted or tinsel streamer curtains from Amazon. Just be sure to layer them so that your backdrop is at least two curtains deep for a more full coverage look. Whatever you choose, make your backdrop 6 feet x 4 feet or larger, and it will match the dimensions of most camera formats automatically.

2. Light It Up

When you’re putting together the lighting design for your wedding reception, be sure to include lighting for your photo booth. This can be anything from neon signs to curtains lined with twinkle lights. Just be sure place lights in front of the camera pointed toward the booth so that your guests’ faces are visible in the photos. If you don't have the budget for professional lighting, a selfie ring light is the perfect choice for high quality direct lighting. Just make sure whichever light you do select, whether it is a ring light or a high intensity lamp, the bulb temperature should be between 5000K and 6500K for it to mimic daylight. It should say right on the box what the temperature of the bulb is. If your reception is outdoors during the day, then you won't need to worry about additional lighting as the sun has you well taken care of.

3. Provide Those Props

The best part of any photo booth is the fun props, so make sure to provide a wide variety to your guests. Kits & Pieces is our favorite prop shop go to! They offer signs, cutouts, garlands and even ways for your guests to dress up their mask to make for the perfect photo booth. Keep in mind, you can also find glittery hats, toys, wigs, inflatable pool floats, oversized sunglasses, feather boas and jewelry at your local party store. Just remember, the weirder and more outrageous the better! Always. Except feather boas. NO. FEATHER. BOAS. Ever. They shed more than a golden retriever. Seriously, feathers will be everywhere.

4. Share Your Snaps

Whether you decide to provide Polaroid cameras, set up a camera on a tripod or ask guests to use their phones to snap the pics, you’re going to want to collect these silly memories from your wedding day. Be sure to include a sign with clear instructions on how you want guests to share their photos. For a Polaroid photo booth, provide an album, glue sticks, and pens so guests can paste a photo with a personal message. For a selfie station, ask guests to use your wedding hashtag or upload to a shared photostream. Don’t be afraid to be thorough with your instructions so you get exactly what you want!

Here is our guide to creating a hashtag, while you’re at it. Just remember, if your guests have private Instagram accounts, you won’t be able to see their photos unless you follow them. So if it’s really important to you to get all of your photo booth photos at the end of the day, provide a camera to take the photos or check out our blog on our favorite photo sharing apps to automatically gather all your wedding photos in one convenient place.


The whole point of a photo booth is to collect snaps all of your guests in a seriously fun way, so you’ll want to make sure all your guests can see it no matter where they are at the reception. Don’t shove your photo booth in a corner or set up in a separate room. If guests don’t see it, they’ll forget about it. Set it up in an area that everyone can see but still provides plenty of space for both individual, small group, or large group photos. And, don’t forget to set up a sign directing guests to the fun!

6. Provide Polaroids

If you’re looking for a low-tech and easy way to get printouts of your guests’ photo booth snaps, Polaroid cameras are the best way to go! All of your guests, no matter how young or old, will know how to use it. Encourage everyone to "take one keep one and leave one" so you can create an album. Just be sure to stock up on extra film to last all night.

7. Set Up For Selfies

To keep your DIY photo booth even more simple, let your guests use their own phones to snap selfies. Guests are going to be taking selfies all night as it is, so they might as well do it with fun props from Kits & Pieces in front of a fab backdrop. We recommend providing at least one selfie stick for those larger group shots or take it another step further and provide a tripod with a selfie stick so that they have more time for those silly poses and fun props! Our favorite setup, however is using an iPad for your photo booth camera. It has a larger screen and is a centralized spot to hold all of your photos. There are a few photo booth apps out there but this one is our favorite. It’s simple and easy to use. You can even connect it to a wi-fi printer for your guests to be able to print their photos right there as well. And since all the photos are taken with the single iPad, you don’t have to go hunting through a #hashtag collection.

No matter what camera you have, or how you decide to print or develop the photos, all you really need is a backdrop, plenty of light, and lots of super fun props from The Kits & Pieces!

All props in the photos shows were provided by The Kits & Pieces.

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